Last February, we asked you who was your BFF. And by that we meant your Best Fitness Friend. We all could use a workout buddy every now and then to push us, be our cheer leaders, and make fitness fun. Everybody who commented on our photo on Facebook with their fitness goal and tagged their workout partner were all entered to win the Astone Advanced Core Fitness Pack and a box of delicious Simply Bars.

Our Best Fitness Friend winners were Heather Feenstra and Richard Quinn from Comox, BC, Canada! Here’s what they had to say:

A huge thank you to Astone fitness and the Simply Bar for the amazing package sent to both myself and my partner, Richard. Fitness and health require a balance of 3 things in order to progress and prevent injury: Proper nutrition, resistance training, and cardiovascular health. Between the Simply bars, the Ripcords, the DVD videos, and the balance balls, all aspects are hit.
Simply Bars are my favorite (and the only) protein bar I will eat. Most are full of synthetic sugars and chemicals which is ironic if they are meant to be healthy. Simply Bars are all natural, taste amazing in every flavour, and provide excellent nutrition and a hefty amount of protein for the small amount of calories. 
Resistance bands are a great way to train your muscles, whether you are new to the gym, or are an experienced weight lifter. They are very helpful for training all the small supporting and stabilizing muscles around the joints to help prevent common injuries that can happen on restrictive machines. 
I am up to over 4 km runs with Richard now thanks to consistent training, balanced with knowing when to take a break to prevent injury. We are looking forward to doing a lot more outdoor activities as the weather gets warmer. 
Sending out another big and appreciative thank you to Astone fitness for picking us as their contest winners. Your customer service is also excellent. Everything is going to good use. Big thumbs up from us!
Heather Feenstra & Richard Quinn

From the entire Astone Fitness team, we are rooting for you! Check out the other entries:

Facebook Best Fitness Friend Entries and Goals

We certainly feel more motivated from hearing all your stories. See all fitness goals on the Astone Fitness Facebook. Want to know more about this contest: See the full contest details

Do you have something to share? Comment below! We love to hear how you are working toward you fitness or health goals.

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