We arrived at Los Angeles airport and packed ourselves and all our baggage into a cab — much to the chagrin of the cab driver who thought we should get 2 cabs for all of our stuff.  Just the first example of making it happen for IHRSA 2012!

Opening the doors to our rooms we were immediately hit with a strong stench. We decided that that the smell was too much to bear so brought all our luggage back downstairs and requested new rooms. We took a couple more for a test-smell before finding 2 rooms that would do the job. With that under control, we ditched our gear, packed a pile of boxes that were waiting at the hotel for us (sent straight from our manufacturers) and headed to the LA Convention Center.

Getting all of those boxes from the parking lot to the booth was a bit of a challenge and took many trips. It didn’t help that the escalators weren’t working. Already we were getting a good sweat going! Now for the big challenge: Getting the booth set up. Fortunately 2 guys from LA were already getting our incredible new rack set up when we arrived. That’s one major item off the list. But there was still much left to do. We broke down the skids with all our merchandise and opened up the boxes with our kiosk and small rack. The biggest challenge was trying to remember how to put together the kiosk (with no instructions). Actually the biggest challenge was figuring out that we couldn’t put it together properly because the 2 pieces needed for one side of it were missing!

6 hours later and thanks to the great staff at the convention center and a huge thanks to Eric and his assistant, we got everything up and running for the big show tomorrow! We’re really looking forward to a good day. But first I am looking forward to a good night of sleep. That’s why I’m not going to proofread what I just wrote! Follow us on twitter for live tweets at the show!

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