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Stretching is a key component to any workout, physical activity, or sport. Unfortunately, because it comes at the end, it’s often ignored. Don’t make this mistake! You have to make the home stretch.

Stretching determines how you feel after your workout and days after. The more you stretch the fewer injuries you will have, which can really derail your whole workout plan! So, don’t forget to stretch, take it slow, hold for at least 30 seconds, and include static and dynamic stretches.

Find out more about why you should stretch. Use our Stretch Buddy equipment to deepen your stretch and extend your reach to those hard to reach spots. Also great for yoga and pilates.

March 9 to 31, 2012 ALL Stretch Buddy products $9.99

Stretch Buddy Stretch Strap

Stretch Buddy Strap

Regular Price: $16.95 Save 41%

Stretch Buddy Flat Bands

Stretch BUddy Flat Bands

Regular Price: $18.95 Save 47%

Stretch Buddy Ripcord

Purple Ripcord Stretch Buddy

Regular Price: $15.95 Save 37%

Stretch Buddy Leg Cord

purple leg cord stretch buddy

Additional 50% off $4.99

Bonus 25 Off Core Packs

*US shipping free for purchases over $75.00

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