With the holiday hustle and bustle, it can be hard to maintain our regular workout routine ?but don’t despair. Keep your Pre-Holiday form with our fast and simple resistance band workout- grab your band and let’s GO! In less than 10 minutes, we’ll have you ready to hit the mall or the party circuit, and feeling GREAT that you didn’t miss your workout!
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Warmup (2 minutes)

x30 seconds Running on The Spot
x30 seconds Side to Side Skater
x30 seconds Jump Rope
x30 seconds Burpees


x10 – Overhead Press (Shoulders)

Rip Press

x10 – Upright Rows (Back)
Rip Row
x10 – Bicep Curls (Biceps)
Rip Bicep
x10 – Tricep Extensions?(Triceps)
Rip Tricep
x10 – Lateral Raises(Shoulders)
Rip lat raise
x10 – Band One Arm Rows (Back)
Rip 1 arm Row
x10 – Band Split Squat & Shoulder Press (Legs & Shoulders)
Rip Split Squat
x10 – Jockey Row (Squat & Row Simultaneously) (Legs & Back)
Regular Rip Squat
Rip Row

StretchBuddy Cool Down (3 minutes)

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x30 sec – Standing Right Leg Quadriceps Stretch.?x30 sec – Standing Left Leg Quadriceps Stretch
Buddy quad
x30 sec Hamstring Stretch
Buddy Hamstring
x15 sec – Right Arm Overhead Triceps Stretch
x15 sec – Left Arm Overhead Triceps Stretch
x15 sec – Right Arm Forearm Stretch
x15 sec – Left Arm Forearm Stretch
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