Let’s admit it – Gyms are full of students or good-intentioned phsy-ed teachers who become trainers, coaches, or know-it-all gym preachers. They may not know the truth about HGH supplements but still recommend them; they unknowingly propagate lies that have been passed on for ages without questioning them in the least. Sure, they have a desirable ripped body but this doesn’t mean that they know everything. It is the experts and researchers who dig for the truth by conducting various studies and experiments that give you the verified information.

Below are a few muscle myths that constantly make rounds in gyms but have been busted by experts:

Myth 1. The Best Way to Burn Fat is Cardio Yes, cardio burns calories a lot more than resistance training, but lifting weight works off even more fat and is thereby the best way to burn fat; even better than cardio. A recent study mentioned in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research revealed that women who did a one hour strength training workout burned 100 calories more on an average after 24 hours than those who didn’t do any weights. So, the more the muscles are involved, the higher the amount of fat burnt.

Myth 2. You Will Get Bulky If You Lift Weights It would behoove you to know that muscle growth doesn’t happen very rapidly. It is a slow process that may take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of years. It is not unusual to hear people complain that their jeans feel uncomfortably tight or small now that they have started weight lifting and have therefore grown a lot of muscle. Although these people may not be wrong in saying this, the strength training may not be the reason for their jeans getting tight. This is because muscle is a lot more dense than fat, so it uses less space to stuff in the same weight. Consequently, the more you build muscles, the tighter will be your body. It is actually less exercising and poor diet and not the weight-training program that actually gives the bulky appearance.

Myth 3. Muscles That Remain Unused Turn Into Fat This is not how our body works. Fat and muscle are two very different tissues. When you give up on your strength training, you’ll soon notice shrinking of your muscles that change your muscle density and tone completely. Also, your lean muscle tissue begin to be replaced by fat cells that create the weight gain illusion, however the truth is that the muscle never converts into fat. The above points in no way suggest that the workout routine you are following is not effective if you abide by the above myths. It simply means that if you are aware of these myths you will be better informed and will not make mistakes. As a result, it will take you relatively less time in building the same amount of muscles, without exposing yourself to risk for any injury. It’s high time that you update your workout routine now!


GUEST BLOGGER: Tracy Rodrigues is a personal fitness trainer and a freelance writer. In her free time, Rodrigues love to offer credit repair advice to people, thanks to her vast knowledge in the field of finance.

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