Just as promised in our last article: Get hot and sweaty this Valentine’s…  GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! I’m talking Couples Workouts.

Here is a great Couples Workout Routine for you and your honey to add to your weekly workouts.

Spend 5-10 minutes warming up before your workout and cooling down afterwards. Try walking on the treadmill, outside, or marching in place. Don’t forget to stretch!

What You’ll Need:

  • 8- to 15-pound medicine ball (or dumbbell)
  • Two identical resistance bands (of any resistance, with or without handles).

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Perform two or three sets of 12 to 15 reps of each exercise, adding reps as you get stronger.

Pass da Love

Stand back-to-back with partner and lower into a squat with knees over ankles and weight on heels (maintain squat throughout). One person holds ball with both hands at chest level; the other person holds hands at chest, ready to receive ball. Twist right as partner twists left, passing or receiving ball . Switch directions and pass back or receive ball to complete one rep.

Head Over Heels

Stand facing each other about 2 feet apart, feet hip-width apart, knees soft. Both lower into squat, arms at chest level, elbows bent, palms out. One person holds squat while the other jumps up and raises arms overhead . As soon as the jumper lands, the other person jumps up. Continue alternating jumping and squatting until both partners have jumped 15 times.

Bow Down to Love

Stand back-to-back, about a foot apart. Hold one resistance band in each hand; have partner take opposite ends. Extend arms out to sides at shoulder height, palms forward. Keeping arms raised, lunge forward on opposite legs. Maintaining lunge, bring hands together in front of chest and release. Return to standing and repeat on opposite leg for one rep.

Wrapped up in You

With your partner kneeling on the ground, sit on his lap and wrap your legs tightly around his waist, crossing at the ankles to steady yourself. Keeping your abs tight, lower yourself back down until your lower back is resting fully on his upper thighs and your head is on the ground. Arms should be out to the side. This is the decline position. From the decline position, tighten your abs and perform a sit up. For an extra challenge, twist your torso first left, then right, at the halfway point to target your oblique  muscles. Repeat 12 times. Switch Places.

High Five

Start side by side in push-up position. Lower chest toward ground. Push back to start. Then shift weight to outside arm, keeping it straight, as you turn chest to face partner, balancing on side of outside foot, legs stacked. Give partner a high five. Return to push-up position; repeat for one set. Switch places for second set.

Give and Take

Stand back-to-back, about a foot apart. One person holds ball overhead while the other raises hands, ready to receive ball. Pass ball. Both bend forward, pass ball through legs and return to start for one rep.

Get over here, Cutie!

Hold one resistance band in each hand; have partner take opposite ends. Sit facing each other with bottoms of feet together, knees soft, back at a 45-degree angle with ground throughout. Turn palms up and, with elbows glued to sides, curl forearms toward chest. Return to start for one rep.

I Got You Babe

Stand facing your partner at arms length. Grasp hands. Using opposite legs from each other (IE. You stand on your left leg, your partner stands on his right) stand on one leg with the other off the ground and bent behind you. Slowly descend into a one-legged lunge position. Go as low as you can, keeping your bent leg off the floor. Return to standing. Repeat 12 times with each leg.


Resources: self.com          

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