It’s quick. It’s cardio. It’s complete toning, head to toe. The only thing this workout isn’t: tough on joints. “High intensity doesn’t have to mean high impact,” says celeb trainer Brett Hoebel, who took this calorie-blasting routine from his new how-to book, The 20-Minute Body. Perform the exercises in pairs, aka supersets: Do the first two moves back to back, then rest a minute. Repeat the superset once more (breather included), then go on to the next pair. Get hold of a resistance band or tube—such as RIPCORDS—then start the clock.


Superset 1: Thruster

Targets shoulders, abs, butt, legs


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart on center of resistance band, holding a handle in each hand; bend elbows by sides, bringing hands in front of shoulders, palms facing forward.

Squat, then quickly stand, pressing arms overhead. Lower arms to start position and repeat. Continue for 1 minute.


MAKE IT EASIER: Perform move without band, or do not press band overhead.


Superset 1: Spider-Man Push-Up

Targets shoulders, chest, abs, obliques, butt


Start on floor in plank position, balancing on hands and toes, body forming a straight line.

Bend elbows to lower torso toward floor as you bend left knee out to side.

Press up and return to plank. Repeat, this time bending right knee out to side.

Continue for 1 minute, alternating sides.


MAKE IT EASIER: Do modified push-up on knees.


Superset 2: Single-Leg Dead Lift

Targets butt, hamstrings


Stand with right foot on shortened band (crisscross band on floor and stand on intersection), holding a handle in each hand, arms by sides with palms facing each other; lift left leg behind you.

Hinge forward from hips, lifting left leg, until body is parallel to floor.

Squeeze glutes and hamstrings to return to start, straightening up as you lower left leg. Continue for 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.


MAKE IT EASIER: Perform move without band.


Superset 2: Crossover Jack

Targets shoulders, arms, legs


Stand with feet wider than shoulder width, arms extended out to sides, palms down.

Quickly jump feet in, crossing left foot in front of right, as you cross extended arms in front of you, left forearm over right.

Return to start and repeat, this time crossing right over left. Continue, alternating quickly, for 1 minute.


MAKE IT EASIER: Do regular jumping jacks.


Superset 3: Tripod Plank

Targets chest, abs, butt


Start on floor in forearm plank position, balancing on forearms and toes, body forming a straight line.

Lift left foot and hold plank for 30 seconds.

Switch legs and hold plank for 30 seconds.


MAKE IT EASIER: Keep both feet on floor.


Superset 3: Cobra T

Targets shoulders, back, butt, hamstrings


Lie facedown on floor with elbows bent by sides, palms on floor near shoulders.

Squeeze thighs, lifting feet slightly off floor with toes pointed, and raise arms and chest.

Draw shoulder blades down your back while forming a goalpost with bent arms (upper arms out to sides at shoulder level). Hold lifted position for 1 minute.




Article by Fitness Magazine

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