It’s always easy to lose the first set of pounds when you are trying to lose weight. This could be 5, 10 or even 25 pounds; the problem comes when we hit the dreaded plateau. It’s like hitting a wall. No matter how hard we work in the gym or how many calories you count per meal it doesn’t seem to work.

This is because your body has gone into the autopilot mode. Doing the same exercises and routines every day is what makes you hit a plateau. A plateau is when your body adapts to your exercising routines and weight loss stops. You should always seek to challenge your body by increasing the pace and intensity of your workouts.

Here are a few intense exercises that will help you get out of your plateau state and rid your of those love handles.

The Bicycle: 

This is a strong move and can be incorporated quiet easily into a string of other workouts. This routine has you quickly shift from one side to another, keeping the stress on oblique muscles.

To perform this exercise, lie down on the floor and raise your legs in the air up till your waist. Provide support to your back by placing your elbows under your lower back to make sure that your legs are fully off the ground. Now perform the cycling movement with your legs. To make it harder perform the exercise in a slow but constant speed as this keeps the maximum tension on your oblique muscles.

Ball Roll-Ins:

For this exercise you would need an exercise ball. This routine is a effective way to target those unwanted love handles. It makes your muscles work hard to keep balance which in turn helps to tone up your love handles.

Lie on your stomach on the apex of the exercise ball with your arms wrapped around the end of the ball. Roll the ball from side to side keeping yourself on the ball by maintaining balance so that you don’t fall off. The further you go to the side the harder and intense it will get, killing the fat on your oblique muscles.   

Side Planks:

This is one of my favorites and perhaps one of the easiest looking; but it’s not. It is a great exercise as it works a lot of muscle groups, especially the core. It is a very challenging exercise that will put your body out of the autopilot mode and work your oblique muscles sufficiently.

To perform this, lie down on your side with your legs straight. Place your forearm underneath your shoulder and propel yourself up so that your body forms a diagonal line, making sure your hips and legs are off the ground. Place your hand on the side on your hip and brace your abs. Hold this position for at least 60 seconds. If can’t do it for 60 seconds then do it for as long as you can and then rest for 4-5 seconds and get back in the position to complete your 60 seconds in intervals. 



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