You may recognize Travis Hathorn as being featured throughout The Human Trainer instructional materials, product packaging, and videos.

Travis Hathorn has always loved the outdoors. At a young age he started to involve himself in numerous outdoor activities to stay active and enjoy what Vancouver, Canada has to offer.

At age 11 he started rock climbing and by age 15 was competing in local competitions. By age 17 he had won several climbing competitions and was recruited by the Canadian National team. His competitive climbing career was cut short by a severe injury.

As part of Travis’ rehab, he explored other ways to train and stay fit. He began recreational boxing, cross-fit, power lifting and sprinting. His hard work paid off and lead to a new career in fitness modeling. He has appeared in magazines like Natural Body Builder and Exercise For Men.
He’s always had a positive outlook on life and has kept himself healthy by keeping fitness and nutrition a large priority in his life.

How do you use The Human Trainer?
I travel a lot and I like to take my Human Trainer wherever I go. I can always pack it away in to my bag and use it in hotels or while I visit someone. It’s a great way to not only work out from head to toe, but also stretch and protect against injury.

What do you find the most effective about The Human Trainer?
The Human Trainer gives an amazing range of motion and the ability to change resistance by just adjusting the angle I’m using it. It works all of my stabilizer muscles that other fitness gear just can’t work.

Do you use The Human Trainer outdoors anywhere?
I’ve taken my Human Trainer all over the place. I’ve worked out near some of the parks in my neighborhood and had so many people ask what it is and how to get one.
I’ve gone down to the beach and used it on almost every type of free-standing structure. It’s really cool to be able to just take my gym wherever I go.

What would you tell other people about The Human Trainer?

I would absolutely recommend The Human Trainer to anyone. It’s great for anyone looking to build serious muscle and even people looking to just stay fit and stay lean.

I’ve used a lot of home gym type systems and I have never used one as versatile and as effective as The Human Trainer.



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