Optimize the versatility and function of The Human Trainer Suspension System with their add-on accessories.

Take your workout to the next level with The Rotational Pulley to unlock many additional exercises and full-body sports specific movements.

The Human Trainer accessories include multiple posters and anchoring solutions for home and on the go workouts to provide the greatest exercise results.

All of The Human Trainer products are designed with the highest quality materials and come with an industry leading 2-year warranty.

Ceiling Mounts


The Ceiling Mounts are designed for home and commercial use and attach with all The Human Trainer products. The mounts are 2.75″ wide and will fit in a standard 3″ inch door frame to still allow the door to fully close for effective training.

Foot Cradle Handles


The Integrated Foot Cradles are designed to attach to The Human Trainer Main Straps and Rotational Pulley. The Foot Cradles are large in size and allow you to perform many full-body, leg and suspended core exercises with your feet firmly supported.

Rubber Handles


The Detachable Human Trainer Rubber Handles are designed with a heavy duty steel carabiner and rubber grip handle material and are built for use with Suspension Trainers and as an accessory for cable machines, resistance bands and other training tools.

Abdominal Straps


The Human Trainer Abdominal Straps are specially designed and manufactured to allow you to target your abdominal and oblique muscles with hanging core movements and suspended planks. Quickly attach the Ab Straps with the steel carabiner.

Dual Tricep Ropes


The Human Trainer Dual Tricep Ropes adapt and connect to all of The Human Trainer anchoring options and are suitable for all fitness levels to build strong lean arms.

Olympic Rings


The Human Trainer Olympic Rings are designed with anti-slip grips and a heavy duty steel carabiner to provide superior comfort, control and safety for your workouts.

Rotational Pulley


The Rotational Pulley is a body-weight training accessory that allows your body to rotate freely while performing dozens of exercises and rehabilitation movements.

HT Advanced Poster


The Human Trainer Advanced poster features 40 suspension gym exercises. Perform exercises, such as Standing Chest Flies, Two Leg Pikes, Rows, and Dips.

HT Standard Poster


The Human Trainer poster features 40 suspension gym exercises. Perform exercises, such as Standing Chest Flies, Two Leg Pikes, Rows, and Dips.

HT Travel Bag


The Human Trainer Carry Travel Bag is designed to be lightweight and durable to hold The Human Trainer products.

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