Rubber Handles


The Detachable Human Trainer Rubber Handles are designed with a heavy duty steel carabiner and rubber grip handle material and are built for use with Suspension Trainers and as an accessory for cable machines, resistance bands and other training tools.

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Product Description

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The Human Trainer Rubber Handles are manufactured with the most comfortable and durable rubber materials for long term use with The Human Trainer. They are designed with a heavy duty carabiner to allow them to be easily attached and removed from the selected D-Rings on the Main Straps.

Additional handles allow you to have multiple grip positions by attaching to different D-Rings at the same time. This helps speed up transitions between exercises by eliminating the need to switch handles from exercise-to-exercise. Rapid changes between exercises means you can achieve a superset in your workout and helps you realize the full potential of The Human Trainers patented design.

Examples are chest-presses, body weight rows, bicep curls, overhead triceps press, dips and pull-ups. Having multiple sets of Handles will increase the efficiency of your workouts by allowing you to move rapidly between certain exercises that would otherwise require you to detach and reattach the handles (e.g. moving from push-ups on a low D-Ring to pull-ups on a high D-Ring).


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