Foot Cradle Handles


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The Integrated Foot Cradles are designed to attach to The Human Trainer Main Straps and Rotational Pulley. The Foot Cradles are large in size and allow you to perform many full-body, leg and suspended core exercises with your feet firmly supported.


The Foot Cradles are intended to be used for both face up (heel) and face down (tips) exercises with either the heels or tips of your feet resting in the Foot Cradle Strap.

Additional handles allow you to have multiple grip positions by attaching to different D-Rings at the same time. This helps speed up transitions between exercises by eliminating the need to switch handles from exercise-to-exercise. Rapid changes between exercises means you can achieve a superset in your workout and helps you realize the full potential of The Human Trainers patented design.

  • Quickly switch between exercise position with The Human Trainer Foot Cradle Handles
  • Comfortable and durable anti-slip rubber hand grips
  • Commercial grade for sturdy attachment and safety
  • Heavy duty steel carabiner for sturdy and quick attachment
  • Easily attach to all The Human Trainer anchoring options and add-ons
  • Designed to be used for all fitness levels
  • Comfortable perform suspended core exercises with the cushioned Foot Cradles


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