In case you need another reason to hop on the fitness train, did you know that exercise can lead to a better sex life! So, if you’re in a bit of a sexual-slump, read on…. 




Human sexual function is affected by our overall general health and specifically blood circulation. Research has proven that though other things like smoking and heavy alcohol-use definitely affects circulatory health, but ironically cutting back or eliminating these poor lifestyle choices didn’t help sexual function. However, regular exercise and maintaining proper bodyweight was proven to affect overall sexual function positively. Scientific studies have confirmed that those who exercise regularly have a hotter sex life and both men and women who exercise 3-5 times per week, report having MORE sex, more frequent and intense orgasms, and overall a more satisfying sexual relationship with their partner. 


So if your sexual satisfaction meter is a little on the low side, the missing ingredient to move it from fizzle to fantastics this Valentine’s Day, could be getting your sweat on! 



Other ways exercise helps you in the bedroom are:


It Boosts Sex Hormones

Exercise causes the brain to produce endorphins which stimulates the release of sex hormones. A Baylor University study found that men’s testosterone levels were highest in the 48 hours after they did strength training, and another study conducted by the New England Research Institute found that if a man’s waist circumference is higher than 41 inches it correlates with lowered testosterone levels. 


Cardiovascular exercise can stimulate beta-endorphins, which causes a temporary elevated heart rate, and blood to flow to all the right places.


All this to say, exercise causes your engine to rev and be ready for action.


Mr. (Miss) Dependable

Those who exercise are found to be less likely to have erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. Bye-bye Viagra!


It Makes You Feel Sexier

A University of Arkansas survey found that physically fit individuals have more self-confidence and are more likely to see themselves as hot. Oh, and incase you failed to notice, the opposite sex usually finds physically fit people hot too.


It Improves Your Stamina

The better shape you’re in, the longer you’ll last in the sack. Let’s face it, sex is work: you need to have strong muscles, especially in your back, abs, and legs to keep it going.


It Improves Flexibility

Exercise and stretching can help you become more flexible and limber. If you want to try out some new Kama Sutra moves you might want to work on some Yoga, or Essentrics exercises first.



WARNING: More is not better

Exercise I mean, more EXERCISE is not better :p 

Overtraining can compromise the immune system, and cause injury and lack of energy; all of which is not sexy. It can also lead to decreased hormone levels, leaving you feeling unmotivated.


Your bonus workout is…SEX!

Don’t forget that sex is a workout in itself. With a nice foreplay sesh and a few position changes you can burn as many as 100 calories in 30 minutes.  



This Valentines Day, try working out WITH your partner. If you’re both getting the benefits  at the same time, you just doubled your chances for sexual success and a few fireworks, not just today, but every day! 



You can thank me later… 🙂 


The Fitness Dame




Resources: fox news, ace fitness, fitbie.com

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