Many people view golf as “the sport for the non-athlete”, and golf players themselves seem to think the better the clubs, the better the swing. What many golfers fail to realize is that the best way to increase their drive and decrease their handicap is to improve their body (strength, cardio, and flexibility).


More and more golfers are turning to The Human Trainer to improve their game. Because a suspension gym is not static like exercise machines are, it allows for sport specific movements. Its virtually endless degree of difficulty makes it suitable for amateur and pro golfers alike.


For golf, exercise should be focused on core strength and flexibility so you begin to rely on generating your power from your core and put less pressure on your arms, wrists, and lower back. It should also focus on building overall range of motion in the joints and spine.

For an impeccable game, master the ten exercises below. These exercises will prevent injury, and improve the strength, effectiveness, and consistency of your swing.

  • These exercises work with Human Trainer attached above a door with door anchors or attached to ceiling with ceiling mounts.

Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps per exercise.

HT Arm Circles (Increasing range of motion of shoulders, opens up lats)

Facing the straps, put one foot in front of the other so you are in a light lunge. Holding a handle in each hand, start with the straps full extended in front of you so that your hands are in front of you at approximately hip level. Rotate your arms out to your sides and up so that your hands meet above your head. Circle back out, and down to start position to complete 1 rep.


HT Squat and Row (Linking Upper Body and Lower Body)

Facing the straps, grasp both handles in neutral position and hold on so that the straps and your arms are fully extended in front of you (arms should be parallel with shoulders). Lean back and press your hips back and down into a low squat position. As you come up, pull your body up to meet your hands. The end position should be with knees straight, hands right up against your shoulders, elbows up and behind you. Release arms back in front of you and then come back down into a squat. Repeat sequence.


HT Plank (Core Endurance, greater swing stability)

Get into a plank position with your feet elevated in the foot cradles. Make sure to keep your core engaged. Hold the plank for 30 seconds, rest and repeat 3 times.


HT Foot Cradle Pushups (Arm and Upper body Strength for greater distance on swing)

Maintaining the plank position in the above exercise, lower into a pushup. Return to start and repeat.


HT Reverse Flies (Upper back strength)

Face the straps. Hold a handle in each hand with arms extended (elbows slightly bent) in front of you, palms facing each other and close together. Keeping your elbows down and slightly bent open your arms so that they are extended at your sides. Return to start and repeat.


HT Bicep Curls (Arm and Upper body Strength for greater distance on swing) 

Facing the straps, hold a handle in each hand. Straps and arms should be fully extended in front of you at chest height, palms faming up. Curl your hands up towards your shoulders, bringing your body up to meet your hands. Return to start and repeat.


HT Overhead Triceps (Arm and Upper body Strength for greater distance on swing)

Facing away from the straps, hold handles together overhead. Palms facing out, elbows bent. Extend the arms until they are straight, still overhead but slightly in front of you. Return to start and repeat.


HT Chest Flies (Arm and Upper body Strength for greater distance on swing)

Facing away from the straps, start with the straps fully extended, hands in front of your chest, palms facing each other. Elbows should be slightly bent. Open your arms to the sides, keeping them at shoulder level without locking the elbows. Return to start and repeat.


HT 2 Arm Golf Swing (Replicates torso swing building flexibility and strength)

Facing the straps, hold a handle in each hand, and get into a golf stance as you would if you were getting ready to hit a golf ball. Press down on the handles and keeping hands 6-10 inches apart, swing arms as far right as possible while shifting your weight to the right. Your head should follow the direction of your arms. Swing arms all the way to the left and shift weight to the left to complete on rep.


HT 1 Arm Golf Swing (Replicates Torso swing building flexibility and strength)

Get into the same stance as with the previous exercise. Press down on the handles, and rotate the right arm to the right side as far as you can, gazing towards your hand. Return to start position, rotate the left arm to the left side while gazing upwards towards the hand.

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