A dedicated workout regimen coincides with an improved quality of life. Yes, some may find it later than others; but, at the end of the day, once fitness becomes a habit, youll start to realise how vital it is in almost every facet of life. For people who earn a living working long hours sitting in a chair, in the same vein as office employees or even poker players, exercising is more of a necessity, rather than a requirement. Take professional card player Eugene Katchalov, for instance.

Eugene Katchalov was known as a poker pro who had all the potential in the world, only to be limited by his inconsistencies. For him, this was the result of an unhealthy eating pattern and the lack of regular physical activities ? which also caused his 185-centimetre-frame to blow up to 104 kilos. This was also when it hit him the hardest, not only did his detrimental lifestyle affect his performance at the table, but his life in general.

As aforementioned, Eugene Katchalov understood its never too late to turn his life around. He was at the tail end of his 20s when he began switching up his diet and fitness plan. Inside 14 months, the Ukrainian poker pro went from flabby to shredded, losing close to 23 kilos and bulking up in the process. Then again, this was all just the tip of the iceberg of his positive transformation.

After going on a rigorous weight training, cardio, and nutrition regimen, slowly, Katchalov saw both his personal life and professional career change for the better. Aside from his inspiring story making it to the pages of lifestyle magazines such as Mens Fitness and GQ, the 31-year-old also gradually climbed the ranks of the All Time Money List, according to The Hendon Mob. From pros to casuals, Eugene Katchalovs embodies an ideal model for poker players. Even online card sharks should follow suit and change the publics perception of the industry.

All over the globe, online games accommodate millions of enthusiasts playing countless hours every week. This was, in a way, a result, of many Internet platforms implementing eye-catching and somewhat witty motifs to their games. European online casino giants Pocketfruity, for one, has a slot machine variant called Cashino that also offers a bunch of juicy bonuses that aim to keep table game fanatics like Katchalov entertained with its versatile gameplay. But this is where Katchalovs philosophy of intermingling gameplay with exercise comes into play. With proper discipline, amidst the attraction of todays Internet ventures, online gamers and/or poker players in general can achieve proper overall standing.

Though the majority of players have not yet accepted Eugene Katchalovs theories, many people see the poker pro as a true inspiration. He proves that regardless of profession, lifestyle, or stature, fitness should always play a huge part in a persons life. Theres just absolutely no justification to take the easy way out and come up with varied excuses, because in the end, if someone really wants to be healthy, he or she will always find a way.

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