The Human Trainer is constructed with high-grade, industrial- strength materials. The Human Trainer components are made of the highest-grade, soft nylon webbing, Cambuckles, D-rings and Carabiners secured with heavy-duty stitching. The Human Trainer is constructed with inelastic, industrial-strength, soft nylon webbing. When performing exercises with The Human Trainer, the resistance your body generates is gravity-based and dependent on body weight and angle. This is not the same as resistance achieved from stretching elastic exercise bands.

The Human Trainer is constructed for durability and reliability. It is designed to support up to 1200 lbs or 545 kg (i.e., up to 500 lbs or 227 kg per strap). Always remember to inspect The Human Trainer before each use to confirm that it is in proper working order and that the selected Anchor Points will support the required weight.

The Human Trainer is engineered and constructed to withstand the pressure of high-intensity, suspended, body weight workouts. All the components that make up The Human Trainer are constructed with the highest-grade, industrial-strength materials. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 2-Year Limited Replacement Warranty.

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