We highly recommend that you have your Human Trainer Ceiling Mounts professionally installed to ensure that your set up is safe and long-lasting.

Contact us for a copy of the installation instructions Please follow the suggested instructions below.

How to Install The Human Trainer Ceiling Mount Attachments

1) Choose a location between 7 to 10 feet high with a secure ceiling joist, wall stud, or door frame.

2) Always use a stud finder to locate several points along the anchoring location. This will indicate where to install the screws for the ceiling mounts. The suggested width for dual mounts is 18 to 25 inches apart, depending on the width of the door.

3) After you have found a secure location for your ceiling mounts you will need to use a pencil to mark where you will drill holes for the bolts. Hold the ceiling mounts against the surface and mark the center for each hole.

4) Pre-drill the holes where marked using a 15/64 or 1/4 inch drill bit.

5) Place the washer and spring lock washer on the first bolt. Insert the first bolt through one of the two holes on the ceiling mount. Using a drill or wrench, screw into one of the holes you pre-drilled. Ensure you don’t completely tighten the bolt. Repeat for the remaining bolt.

6) Ensure the ceiling mount is in the correct position and fully tighten both bolts.

a) All components pre-installation

b) Completed installation

Installing in a Door Frame
For installation in a door frame, we suggest you measure 8 inches in from both sides of the frame. Then use a pencil to mark the where to pre-drill the holes. For optimal installation the Human Trainer logo on the ceiling mount should be facing perpendicular to the door.

a) 8″ in from frame pre-hole markers

b) Ceiling mounts installed in a home

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