Some dieting techniques require no explanation. Eat less, exercise more and you will lose weight. If you understand calories, it’s all pretty self explanatory. Other dieting techniques however, well, they’re a little more complicated.

Here are eight surprising weight loss techniques that are known for being surprisingly effective.


Choose Full Fat Foods

If you’re on a diet, low fat products can seem like an excellent idea. Unfortunately however, the term low fat can be incredibly misleading. Low fat products are typically manufactured by taking a full fat product, removing the fat and replacing it with sugar.

In most cases, the result is a product that actually contains more calories than the original. If you want to lose weight, you’re therefore better off sticking to full fat foods. They tend to taste a lot better too.

Walk After Meals

After a large meal, there’s arguably nothing better than putting your feet up for a while. Unfortunately however, in terms of weight gain, there’s arguably nothing worse.

The theory is that doing something active after you eat reduces your blood sugar levels. And in turn, it reduces your bodies ability to store fat. In other words, the more active you are after you eat something, the less likely that food is to make you fat.

Sleep More

In theory, the idea of sleeping more doesn’t sound like the best way to lose weight. After all, you’re not burning many calories when you’re lying on your back. Contrary to popular belief however, it is possible to sleep yourself thin, or at least, less fat.

Multiple studies have shown that people who sleep the full eight hours tend to be skinnier. Apparently, sleep deprivation, even the mild kind, not only makes you hungrier, it reduces your willpower to fight sugar cravings.

Be Boring

Eating new things might be exciting but apparently, it can also be pretty fattening. Dieting experts suggest that if you want to lose weight, you should limit the number of different foods that you eat each week.

The logic behind the idea is that the more familiar you are with a particular meal, the less likely you are to eat too much of it. In other words, eating the same thing for lunch every day might actually make you skinny.

Add Chilli Powder to Your Food

Multiple studies have suggested that the spicier your diet, the less likely you are to gain weight. This is because chili peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin. And capsaicin leads to two very interesting chemical reactions in our bodies.

First off, it reduces our appetite. And secondly, it boosts our metabolism. The result is a chemical that not only helps us to eat less, it helps us to digest the food that we do eat more efficiently.

Eat Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is easily one of the most common dieting mistakes. The problem with skipping breakfast is that what you gain in skipping calories, you lose in a slower metabolism. As a result, you’re essentially going hungry for nothing.

The reason that I suggest bacon and eggs for breakfast is that, contrary to popular belief, it’s actually one of the best breakfasts that a dieter can eat. It not only contains less calories than cereal and toast, it’s packed full of protein.

Eat Plenty of Snacks

There’s no denying that snacking has a nasty reputation but did you know that nutritious snacks can actually help you to lose weight?

Low sugar, high protein snacks can help to prevent blood sugar spikes which in turn prevent sugar cravings, hunger pangs and fat storage. What’s the perfect choice? Nuts. They’re high in protein to keep you healthy and high in fiber to keep you full.

Go to McDonalds

We all have our favorite, ridiculously fattening foods. For some it’s kebabs, for others, it’s a Big Mac and fries. Successful dieting obviously requires us to cut back on such foods but did you know that cheating once a week is actually recommended?

The reason for this is simple, quitting our favorite foods forever isn’t realistic. And attempting to do so generally results in people quitting their diets prematurely. It follows that in the long term, a single Big Mac per week can actually help you to lose weight.


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