The Human Trainer is in the Chicago White Sox Workout Facility and part of the players’ daily training.


Here are some great Human Trainer exercises to help improve your baseball game:

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1. HT – 2 arm squat and row – (linking leg and upper body movement for control and power) 

Facing the straps, grasp both handles in neutral position and hold on so that the straps and your arms are fully extended in front of you (arms should be parallel with shoulders). Lean back and press your hips back and down into a low squat position. As you come up, pull your body up to meet your hands. The end position should be with knees straight, hands right up against your shoulders, elbows up and behind you. Release arms back in front of you and then come back down into a squat. Repeat sequence. 3 sets of 10-15 on each leg.

2. HT – foot cradle plank – (build trunk and core stability for improved performance)

Get into a plank position with your feet elevated in the foot cradles. Make sure to keep your core engaged. Hold the plank for 30 seconds, rest and repeat 3 times.

3. HT 2 arm bicep curls – (increased arm strength for power)

Facing the straps, hold a handle in each hand. Straps and arms should be fully extended in front of you at chest height, palms faming up. Curl your hands up towards your shoulders, bringing your body up to meet your hands. Return to start and repeat.

4. HT overhead triceps – (increased arm strength for power)

Facing away from the straps, hold handles together overhead. Palms facing out, elbows bent. Extend the arms until they are straight, still overhead but slightly in front of you. Return to start and repeat.

5. HT Forward Lunge with T / Y /I combo – (improved lower body and upper body connection and shoulder flexibility and control) 

Holding the straps at your sides, step forward with right foot and bend knees until you are in a lunge. With the arms get into a letter T, then Y, then I formation. Return to neutral stance and repeat with the other leg. 3 sets of 10-15 on each leg.

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