Thursday Aug 18th 2011, Today was our setup at the CanfitPro Trade show in Toronto Ontario. We arrived at 10am in a sea of boxes to discover our electric drill was screwed into our wooden crate and spent an hour manually un-corking it. There was a certain buzz going around as everyone was watching each other set up and discovering what we all had. Putting our blood sweat and tears into this setup we finally had it finished for 6pm.

CanFitPro Booth for Astone FitnessNotable moments were putting together the kiosk without directions or a manual using the wrong screws everywhere and having to redo it about 3 times, finally looks right. After winning the battle of the kiosk we celebrated our victory with lunch. By the end everything came together famously and pictures will be uploaded shortly. Off to the Argos game we go…..

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