Christmas is a time for family and friends, but it’s also a time for overeating on some pretty unhealthy food choices. Why not give your Christmas menu a spin this year with fun and healthy choices like these:

Fruity Christmas Tree


  • Cut off one side of an apple so you have a flat surfaceCut off one side of an apple so you have a flat surface
  • Remove the apple core
  • Put the flat side of the apple onto a plate and put a carrot into the hole where you cut out the core. This will be the base of your tree.
  • Cover the apple and carrot with toothpicks
  • Cut up your fav fruits and secure them to the toothpicks. Use as many as needed to achieve the desired shape.
  • This photo used?cantaloupe as a star, but any firm fruit would work. Try pineapple.

* This also works with a cone shaped?styrofoam cone as your base. Found at any arts and crafts store.

String Cheese Snowmen?
  • Keeping the cheese in their original wrappers, draw on the face and buttons with a marker
  • Cut out black top hats from construction paper. Attach onto cheese using your fav paper glue
  • Tie a ribbon of your choice around the neck for their little scarves

Pita Trees


  • Cut pita into triangular pieces (like a pizza)?
  • Use a piece of a pretzel stick as the tree trunk
  • Cover pita with your fav green colored spread. This pic is using avocado hummus. Guacamole works great too.
  • Use small pieces of red bell pepper for garland

Santa’s Grape Helpers


  • Put a toothpick though the tops of large green grapes
  • Slice a banana and put a slice onto each toothpick
  • Cut the leaves off the top of strawberries so you have a flat edge to them. Add them on top of the banana slices
  • Top it off with a mini marshmellow

Merry Christmas!


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