In WeightWatchers Weekly several fitness products are listed as recommendations to help clients keep their workouts interesting without having to invest in a gym membership – Variety is the spice of life!


Here’s Weight Watchers’ list of choices, and what they have to say about the equipment:


1- Resistance Bands

A good choice for beginners and pros alike. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and portable which makes them perfect for vacation or business travel. They come in a variety of thicknesses – the thinner the band, the less effort you need. (Ripcords thickness run from 3-60 LBS of resistance)


USE FOR: Toning muscles all over the body.


TIP: Challenge yourself! Once you can do 12 reps of an exercise easily it’s time to move up to a thicker band for more of a challenge. 


CLICK HERE for resistance band exercises for travelling


2 – Mat

For a padded service that doesn’t slip when doing floor moves.


USE FOR: floor exercises, yoga, Pilates, and stretching.


TIP: Look for a yoga-style mat because they’re made of material that won’t slip.


3- Suspension Gym

A suspension gym is a system of straps and harnesses that uses your own body weight to build strength, flexibility, and balance. It may sound and even look intimidating at first but it’s actually good for all fitness levels. The Human Trainer is easiest to use because of it’s different attachments that clip on effortlessly.


USE FOR: exercises from push-ups to lunges to bicep curls – it’s great for your entire body. Most suspension gyms come with workout videos and there are plenty of videos you can find on youtube.


TIP: When you attach your suspension gym to a door, make sure that the door doesn’t open into the room you’re exercising in.


4 – Dumbbells

Start with 3 LBS. weights if you’re a beginner. As you get stronger, consider getting an adjustable set of dumbbells to have a range of different weights – heavier for bicep curls, lighter for front raises.


USE FOR: Strength Training. But don’t use while walking:that can cause joint strain.


TIP: Choose a weight that you can lift 8-12 times, with muscle fatigue and a little burn setting in at the end of your set. If you can easily do 12 reps increase the weight by 2-3 LBS.


5 – Stationary Bike

The stationary bike is probably just about the most economical aerobic machine you can buy. 


USE FOR: aerobic conditioning and lower body toning.


TIP: Don’t go too low-end. $350 is a rough amount you should spend to get a good quality bike. Don’t go for ones with electronic breaking – these are used for spin classes. You should be able to sit upright, not hunched over like a racer.

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