Choosing a suspension gym can be a daunting task. What do you go with: the least expensive? the big brand?

Here’s a review that may hlep you make up your mind.

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Suspension training has been getting a lot of press in the fitness media since the TRX suspension training system hit the market. The TRX is not a cheap item, and many alternatives now exist, some providing a cheap like for like alternative to the TRX, others, like The Human Trainer, offering all the benefits, and a lot more besides.

The Human Trainer Review that I will present here comes through some fairly extensive use of this product, as part of my own training program, and also as part of well constructed programs I develop for my personal training clients. The versatility of the Human Trainer, and the add-ons and attachments that are available, take it a step further than the standard suspension trainer system, and provide a tool that works for athletes, gymnasts, trainers, and….er, pretty much anyone who wants to be able to work out ANYWHERE, and utilise a total body conditioning system for improved  strength, endurance, power, core stability etc.

The Human TrainerThe Human Trainer Review – 30 Second QuickBite

This is for those of you who want to just get a quick heads up on the good, and possibly bad things about The Human Trainer. I recommend You read on to take in the full review, but if you are really impatient, at least get to the end of this section :-)

What’s Awesome

  • Amazingly well thought out and constructed, it’s as robust as they come
  • Flexibility – hundreds of exercise variations to put into your program
  • Designed for athletes, gymnasts, and everyone else in between
  • Excellent range of add-on accessories including gym rings, ab straps, ceiling mounts, pulley system etc
  • Outstanding customer service, worth a lot these days!
  • Great workout DVD with clear narration
  • Price – A lot of equipment for the money

What’s Boresome

  • Nothing, and that is the god’s honest truth

So, please don’t think I’m a lame duck on the ‘negatives’ section. I have used it, I use it almost every day, I’ve spoken to other people who have it, I’ve read the Amazon Customer Review here, and no-one has a bad word to say about the human trainer. Nuff said.

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