Rita Catolino is an online fitness coach, certified personal trainer, motivational speaker, fitness competitor, fitness model, fitness column writer for OXYGEN MAGAZINE, AND a Human Trainer Featured User.

You may recognize Rita Catalino from appearing with us on Dragon’s Den, or maybe you’ve read her interview in Genetic War Either way she is an inspiration.

Rita made a major life change over 6 years ago with the birth of her daughter, losing over 35 lbs by making healthier choices for her body and her family. These life changes resulted in huge accomplishments such as placing top-5 twice at the Arnold Sports Festival, and being on the cover of the Fall Fat Loss Oxygen Special. Rita says her greatest accomplishment within the industry is having had the honor to coach her mentor, Tosca Reno.

She enjoys a wide variety of training, including functional training, resistance training, interval training, and especially working with The Human Trainer.

1. How long have you been using the Human Trainer, and what results have you noticed in that time?

I was introduced to the Human trainer over 1 year ago. I love how it incorporates the core as well as recruits many of the smaller supporting muscles which tend to get left out in typical isolation bodybuilding workouts. I have noticed more definition and more of a sweat during my training.

2. In what ways do you use the Human Trainer

I use it at home for core movements such as moving planks, mountain climbers, pikes etc. I also love it for plyometrics. The height I get on my jump squats in incredible. The Human Trainer has helped tremendously with my stability and flexibility as well.

3. What would you say to someone considering getting a Human Trainer

You need one! Don’t think twice. It will help with strength, flexibility, agility and balance. Try doing a one legged squat on it! Hard!! Great for all levels. It is defiantly multi-leveled!

4. How have you, or how could you, use the Human Trainer to reach your next goals?

It is great to break through a plateau. Use it for metabolic circuits which are great for getting leaner and tighter.

5. Where do you use the Human Trainer? Have you used it indoors and outdoors?

I use it in my basement, and recently took it on vacation to Europe. It is easy to pack away and hooks on to the door in a second. My husband has started using it as well. I will give it a try outdoors this summer. Workout and tan at the same time 🙂

6. What do you like most about the Human Trainer?

It isn’t cumbersome. Easy to bring along and you feel your body doing the work. It is a great compliment to the heavy weights. I incorporate it 2 times a week in my workouts.

For more on Rita go to:?www.ritacatolino.com

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