As a women’s fitness expert and professional ballet dancer, Nikol Klein prides herself on knowing all the tricks and techniques it takes for women to get the lean, toned, bulk-free bodies they’re after. One of these tricks happens to be using The Human Trainer Suspension Gym.

Nikol has been using The Human trainer with her clients in San Diego for a little over a year now.

Heres what she had to say:

In what ways do you use the Human Trainer?

I use the traditional Human Trainer device mostly for stretching and abdominal conditioning. My favourite component is the rotational pulley that I attach a kettle-bell to one end and handles to the other. I use the pulley for triceps, rows, hamstring curls, and even ballet strengthening exercises with my dancer clients.

What would you say to someone considering getting a Human Trainer?

I think that they Human Trainer is a great investment for your home gym. It’s portable, takes up very little space, and can give you an effective all over body workout using just your body weight!

How have you, or how could you, use the Human Trainer to reach your next goals?

I think the Human Trainer is great for people of all ages and capabilities. I use the traditional device a lot with my clients who have limitations such as knee or back problems. It adds just enough support in a squat for example, to keep the strain off of the joints. It is also a fun way to introduce strength training to kids who aren’t ready to lift weights.

What do you like most about the Human Trainer?

The unlimited options of the rotational pulley! I am always looking for new exercises so I set up my pulley device to do lots of ballet leg conditioning.

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