With the shorter days and cooler temperatures comes the urge to sit and veg. Plus, if you work an office job you’re back to sitting all day. Don’t let you butt get into an Autumn Rut. Kick your rump into gear with this Human Trainer Butt Blaster Workout.

 onelegsquat 1

1) Stand facing the main straps, keeping arms extended at eye level. Palms facing in.

2) Press hips and buttocks towards the floor

3) Keep the arms straight and the head and chest lifted

4) Press up through standing leg to starting position



– Keep weight in the heels 

– Do not lift back heel

– Should feel like your sitting back and down


cradlesprinter 1

1) Stand facing away from the main straps and place one foot in one foot cradle

2) Extend the opposite arm from the suspended foot forward and other arm stays resting at side

3) Press suspended foot down and back into a reverse lunge as you reach resting arm forward

4) Press up through the front foot to return to starting position



– Keep the suspended foot firmly pressed into the foot cradle for stability

– Lower the front knee to 90 degrees, knee over ankle


airsplits 1

1) Place both feet (toes down) into foot cradles

2) Begin in High Plank with both hands directly under shoulders

3) Press both legs out laterally 



– Keep the body in a straight alignment with core engaged

– Keep the head and hips lifted and in line with the spine


arm lunge 1

1) Stand facing the main straps in a wide stance

2) Keep elbows resting at side of the body, palms facing in

3) Lunge to the left side and press hips back and down

4) Press up to the start position and repeat on right side



– Keep head and chest lifted

– Keep core engaged throughout the movement


scissorkicks 1

1) Begin sitting on the ground facing the straps

2) Place both heels in foot cradle and lie down on your back with both legs extended and feet directly under the anchor points

3) Press the heels down into into the foot cradles and lift your hips upwards 

4) Press the right leg down as your left leg lifts upward

5) Keeping the hips lifted press your left leg down as your right leg lifts upward

6) Continue alternating reps



1) Keep the hips lifted throughout the movement

2) Press heels firmly into foot cradle for stabilty 







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