Aside from being able to spend time with family members and friends, being off of work and watching all of the great holiday movies, one of the things that we all enjoy about the holiday season is all of the food. It seems like everywhere you go, there are rich, fatting, fun, homemade dishes that you don’t feel the least bit guilty about eating; especially since you have a sweater to keep you warm (and cover the additional five pounds up).

Now the holidays are over, (Can you believe it’s already the end of January?!) and it’s time to get back to eating healthy again. If you want some tips on how to make a smooth transition, we have five of them; ones that will make eating right almost just as enjoyable for you.



Consider a (healthy) detox. If you want to start out on a clean slate (or is it plate?), you might want to consider doing a detox in order to eliminate toxins and refuel your body. Although there are actual detox programs that you can take, a simple route to go would be to eat more fiber, consume less sugar, drink plenty of water and increase your levels of Vitamin C (it provides great liver support).


Switch up your carbs. We all need carbs for energy, but there are certain ones that are better for you than others. When you’re at the grocery store, make it a point to pick up some oatmeal, whole wheat bread and brown rice (they are all forms of whole grains). Also, purchase some of your favorite fruits and vegetables. They are the best carbs.


Eat healthy fats. There was once a time when we were told that it was better to go without fats, but that’s simply not the case. As a matter of fact, when it comes to being a source of the calories that we need, fats rank second under carbs. The key here is to eat more of what is considered to be “healthy fats” and that would include nuts, seeds, avocado, salmon and herring.


Get some good protein. People who attended online MHA programs in order to become top-notch health administrators know that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to consume a healthy amount of protein. Protein is what we all need so that our bodies are able to repair and rebuild the muscle tissue that we have. Foods that are a good source of protein include egg whites, fish, chicken and turkey (without the skin). Beans and tofu are wonderful too.


Watch the sugar. If you’re thinking that you can’t have another cookie or slice of cake until the end of the year, don’t worry. We’re not recommending that you become quite that extreme. All we’re saying is that a lot of sugar (especially processed sugar) creates a lot of calories and so you want to make sure to consume desserts, sodas and even fruit juice in a balanced way. Remember that one cup of juice can have as much as 150 calories (or more). A few of those, by the end of the day, can really stack up. Sugar can be fun from time to time, but it definitely should not be a staple. Keep that in mind and you should be just fine.


For more great nutrition tips, recipes, and meal plans check out Astone’s Nutrition Guide.


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