• Perform over a hundred resistance band exercises at home or on the go
  • High quality exercise band tubing for long life
  • 6 different resistance bands levels to suit beginners all the way to advanced (3 – 55 lb. of resistance)
  • No switching back and forth between handles because each Flexcord resistance band has its own handle
  • Home Gym: Allow you to reach your fitness goals without going to the gym. Perfect for P90X

Product Description

Get a dynamic full body workout anywhere, anytime with the affordable home gym alternative, Flexcords.

Flexcords Resistance Bands are the most affordable alternative to a home gym on the market today. The package comes with a variety of exercise bands of different tensions based on a colored scale. This means that you’re in complete control of your workout! Choose the best tension suited for your exercise routine or change up the resistance depending on the exercise being performed. You’ll find that different ranges of resistance for different exercises makes workouts like circuit training easy to perform and then master.

Changing colors makes your progress easy to track. Flexcords fitness bands are light and portable so you can take them anywhere with you. Also, using Flexcords rubber resistance bands allows you to perform ‘Super-Sets’ which challenge every muscle in the body and give you a great Cardio workout while also improving your flexibility and muscle tone.

* White Lightning Flexcord: 40 – 55 lbs * Blue Flexcord: 28 – 40 lbs * Red FLexcord: 18 – 28 lbs * Green Flexcord: 12 – 18 lbs * Orange Flexcord: 7 – 12 lbs * Yellow Flexcord: 3 – 6 lbs * Door Attachment

Great for beginner or advanced users. Resistance from 2-55 lbs

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