The Human Trainer Ceiling Mounts, Straps and Accessory products are designed, tested and intended to only be used with The Human Trainer Dual Anchor Suspension System.

Using another Suspension Trainer’s branded equipment with The Human Trainer branded products together in a mix and match set-up is fully not advised and can potentially increase the chance of injury and is not recommended, and by doing so, the user assumes full responsibility for their actions, knowingly or unknowingly.

In the event of failure to comply with these terms, the user (Residential or in Commercial Use) assumes full responsibility for their actions. Moreover, any usage that is not in compliance with these recommended terms will make all warranties and claims against Astone Fitness invalid. Any personal injuries or property damage that occur when using another Suspension Trainer brand with The Human Trainer equipment will not be the responsibility of Astone Fitness and The Human Trainer.

Any and all claims resulting from the improper intended use of The Human Trainer Ceiling Mounts and any other Human Trainer products that are mix and matched with other brands of exercise equipment, both in Commercial and Residential, will be deemed misuse of The Human Trainer and/ or its accessories.

Furthermore, by using The Human Trainer you are accepting the responsibility of your actions and are hereby waiving any rights to legal action against Astone Fitness, should you decide not to waive your legal rights, do not use the product and promptly return it.

It is the responsibility of the user (Both in Commercial and Residential) to contact Astone Fitness and The Human Trainer directly at (contact@thehumantrainer.com) if they have any questions related to safety, correct anchoring set-up, product use or any other inquiries.

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