To say Ron Dukes loves fitness is an under statement. Dukes is a 3-time National Karate Champion, a National Sport Aerobic Fitness Challenge Champ, 2-time participant in American Ninja Warrior, and a 2013 recipient of the Spartan Race “Spartan Trifecta.” He works as a trainer specializing in Kickboxing and Capoeria, and is a Master Trainer for Fierce 4, a new exercise program out of Florida.

Ron is a huge fan of bodyweight training and loves incorporating The Human Trainer in his personal workouts as well as his clients.

Machines only give you a set direction on how to move your particular muscle. When you use a suspension gym, you are able to adjust your resistance and ease or difficulty of an exercise simply by changing your angle. Coupled with the ease of adjusting the angles quickly with The Human Trainers D-clip system, as well as its quick storage, and you have the perfect system!

Its a great supplement as well as a total replacement for a gym. “You are you own gym” I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t need a lot of space. All you need is a door or something solid to attach it to: Trees, monkey bars, railings. Love the flexibility!

-Ron Dukes

How has The Human Trainer improved your workouts?

I’m a bodyweight person so it definitely helps out with my training. I’m able to change angles which assist in making certain exercises either easier or more difficult. Adding conditioning challenges. Helping with my handstand push ups.

I use it in the typical suspension style, but I also use the leg attachments to give me a higher angle on my pushups, and Rings to to my pull ups and muscle ups.

The Human Trainer has absolutely helped in my overall muscle development (size and definition).

What do you like most about the Human Trainer?

The ability to not have to adjust the straps and use the hook & D-clip system making for faster transitions between angles… TRY IT!

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