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Throughout his life, Leigh Busby has developed immense knowledge and experience in many different aspects of the health and fitness world. He is not only a former natural body builder but also a personal fitness trainer and fitness spokesperson. At the young age of eleven, Busby dedicated his life to growing stronger mentally and physically. But early on he sustained injuries that curtailed a promising wrestling career. Through this, however, he learned the value of working out and training correctly. He rehabilitated and today continues to workout with Ripcords and the Human Trainer. Leigh has graciously shared his journey and fitness tips with us.

A long road from wrestling to bodybuilding

I started lifting free weights at age eleven, working out with anything I could get my hands on. I would use the broomstick my mom threw out along with dumb weights from the windows of an old house at first. I quickly found my muscles growing and others also took notice too.

In the sixth grade, I had thirteen-inch biceps with the peak on top. My chest grew so large, folks thought I was taking steroids. I also squatted with 350 lbs for over 50 reps properly done. Yes, all in sixth grade. I also began wrestling at that time and continued until my junior year of high school. I worked out around five to eight hours a day, sometimes more. Once in a while, I would even do an all-night workout. At the age of 16, I quickly saw my progress dwindle and burn out. I had several long-lasting injuries, such as joint issues and a slipped disc. I stopped all sports. I had to quit wrestling and I was in the top 6 best high school wrestlers in New Jersey in 1981.

After a year of not over straining my body, my mind was refreshed. I understood a little more about balance. I put off punishing, overloaded workouts and started bodybuilding. I loved working out without being on anyones team; I represented only me. I quickly became one of the top East Coast natural bodybuilders, and placed in almost every show I entered. Since then, I have appeared in several fitness commercials, including Nordic Track. I love to tell my story because Ive had success but it came with some failure too. I no longer regret my mistakes and I found that by sharing honestly, other people may find success and avoid the mistakes and wasted effects I had to struggle through and was frustrated by.

If your bodybuilding or starting a new exercise, get the proper knowledge and train with someone who KNOWS HOW to train. Despite my injuries, I love to workout for my well-being now and have been looking deeply into exactly how to exercise with injuries so I can rehabilitate myself without causing further harm to myself.

Rehabilitation and Continuing Growth

I love the type of workouts Astone Fitness provides. For over 12 years of natural bodybuilding competitions and 35 years of fitness experience, I mostly use resistance bands because, compared to free weights, they put less stress on my joints, especially on my lower back and knees, and gave the same results. I also use light dumbbells and an exercise ball along with some yoga. The Human Trainer is great for sports training and core training, for professionals and amateur athletes alike. There is no limit to its use. Using the Human Trainer as a part of weight training gives variety to your workouts. It is never boring. I used other gym equipment, but the Human Trainer allows you to perform the same movements, while being more affordable and versatile. I have used Ripcords and the Human Trainer for years; the results have always been great. All in all, Astone Fitness has a great variety of equipment and exercises that will really help you get to that next level.

Sample Workout

Products used: Ripcords Resistance Bands, The Human Trainer

  1. Squats
  2. Squats with shoulder presses
  3. Lunges
  4. Chest press with door attachment [high angle & low]
  5. Shoulder presses with flies [compound exercise]
  6. Push ups on knees with Ripcord around back and held beneath palms on floor
  7. A basic yoga stretch series and shake my muscles out, and done!

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