Everyone is always looking for the miracle fix-all pill to fix all of their health problems. Today, I am going to tell you that there is actually a natural remedy that will cost you zip and will go a long way in making you healthier. You most likely even already know about it, but overlook its importance. Ready for the big secret?


Aw, did I burst your bubble there? The truth is most of us dont know how much of a vital part water actually plays in our overall health.? Sure, were mostly made of the stuff but do you really know why its so important?

The main reasons are clear: we drink water to prevent dehydration and to keep the body from overheating. But youll be amazed at how many other health benefits we get just from drinking the right amount of water a day. Every single bit of your body needs water to function properly. Water transports nutrients and oxygen into cells and organs, and helps organs to absorb nutrients more easily. It moisturizes the air in the lungs and protects our vital organs.

The human brain is made of 90% water. Lack of H2O will cause your brain to not function well, which can cause everything from slow thinking and slow reactions/responses, tiredness, headache, migraines and back pain.

Your lungs go through 2-4 cups of water a day through breathing. Youll lose about 6 cups a day going to the bathroom and another 2 if you sweat. This doesnt include sweating from exercising, just regular Is it hot in here? perspiration. In order to be consider dehydrated one has to be short about 10% of their body weight in fluids, but it takes as little as 2% to have negative effects on your health. All that being said, you now know why you need to replenish the stuff so frequently.

You may not know, water also helps you to…

Lose Weight: Water is not only zero calories but also acts as an appetite suppressant, causing you to eat less. Additionally, when you drink cold water, your body burns calories (burns energy) to warm the water to your core temperature. ?Drinking water helps you lose weight by flushing toxins out of your system. To obtain this fat-burning effect (up to 70 calories a day) you must drink more than 8 glasses of cold water per day.

Build Muscle: Drinking water improves the anabolism process. The anabolism process builds muscle and increases the number of calories burned while active. Dehydration will cause reduced muscle power and endurance, resulting in slowing your progress while training.

Digest Properly: Water keeps your digestive system lubricated. Proper hydration will up your metabolism; aiding in digestion and helping reduce constipation.

Have Fewer Injuries: H2O helps keep your joints and muscles lubricated resulting in fewer injuries such as sprains and less muscle cramping.

Have Immunity: Gulping down the wet stuff can help improve your immune system: keeping the flu bug away as well as bigger problems like kidney stones, respiratory disease, intestinal problems, and arthritis.

Look Younger. Be Happy: Being properly hydrated helps moisturize the skin (reducing wrinkles), replenish skin tissues, and increases elasticity. Since being hydrated keeps your body running smoothly youll be more alert and will feel better- keeping depression at bay.

Be Cancer Free: Studies show that water dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing toxins in the urine, resulting in reduced risks of bladder and colon cancers.

Keep Your Body at Peace: When your body senses dehydration it can go into panic mode, causing your adrenal glands to secrete cortisol and adrenaline unnecessarily. Chronic cortisol elevation can cause high blood pressure, systemic inflammation and increased fat around the abdomen and bum.


Symptoms of Dehydration

Thirst: By the time your body tells you youre thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Make drinking water a habit. Drink before you get thirsty, especially when working out.?NOTE- The older you get, the less you’re able to sense that you’re thirsty.

Hunger: Most people mistake the hungry feeling as a need for more food, when it can actually be dehydration. When you are hungry between meals try having a glass or two of water before reaching for food. If you are still hungry about 20 minutes after the water have something to eat.

Dark Urine: Urine is usually pale yellow or clear when you drink enough water. Dark color (dark yellow or orange) and strong smell indicates some level of dehydration.

Dry Skin: Its the largest organ in the body. If its dry theres a pretty good chance youre dehydrated.

Fatigue: Feeling sleepy? Water is a source of energy and may give you the boost you need!


How much water do you need?

On average a healthy adult needs to drink about 8 large glasses of water per day. Of course, there are many factors that affect your water needs such as: how much you exercise, humidity and heat level in your environment, or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

DIABETES WARNING! If you notice unexplained increases and frequency in your thirst and urination, see a doctor. It may be a sign of diabetes.

Everythings Best in Moderation -?Though uncommon, it’s possible to drink too much water. Drinking excessive amounts can affects the kidneys ability to process and expel water. So dont over do it.


You dont have to rely just on water to get your daily hydration recommendation. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of water, especially watermelon, cucumbers and celery. If you have symptoms of dehydration try staying away from coffee, tea and alcohol, as they are dehydrators. Juices and soft drinks are not recommended because of their high sugar content. If you are working out for longer than an hour or in hot conditions you may benefit from a sports drink for added electrolytes.


Know other benefits of water? Add your two cents in the comments!

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