One of the ideal ways to stay in shape these days is by doing yoga. This can allow you to remain flexible and ready to face the day with less stress and greater ease. Of course, this can be a real challenge to do if you’re living with any type of foot pain.

One of the common ailments that affect millions of people each day is plantar fasciitis and studies show 10 percentof people will suffer from this condition at some stage of life. This can be a painful foot condition that may keep you from doing your yoga. However, being aware of tips that will help ease the pain and this condition is sure to be helpful for you to know.

Tip #1: Choose the right gear

The good news for you if you suffer from this foot condition and wish to head out to your yoga class is you can use a foot sleeve for plantar fasciitis. This will provide the additional support you need to get through your class and may help reduce the discomfort of this condition significantly.

Selecting the right active gear that offers your body the support it needs is entirely possible and can keep from interfering with the things you love to do. Be sure to choose the ideal sized brace that provides you with the most comfort and support during any activity.

Tip #2: Select the right shoes

One of the things that can have a drastic impact on your ability to be active while living with this condition will involve choosing the right shoes. You will want to be certain only to wear shoes that offer you enough support.

You will also want to select the ideal pair of shoes that offer shock absorption to help you do your fitness routines. This will enable you to move better without suffering the discomfort that typically accompanies this foot ailment.

Be sure to speak to the sales associate at your local sports department to help you find the right ones to suit your needs and allow you to do yoga.

Tip #3: Use ice

Its a great idea to put your foot up when at all possible to help reduce the amount of inflammation that accompanies this condition. While doing this, you will want to be sure to use ice on this area to enable it to feel even better.

Keep in mind that when you reduce the inflammation of your heel, this may allow you to suffer from a decreased amount of pain and unwanted discomfort. One way you may want to accomplish this goal is by putting the ice inside of a washcloth to avoid direct contact with your skin.

Tip #4: Be prepared in the mornings

One of the things that may ease the discomfort of this condition is by knowing what to do as soon as your get up in the mornings. It’s ideal to put your shoes on as quickly as you get out of bed each day.

This may help ease the stress that walking barefoot can cause and is the ideal way to allow you to feel better in the shortest amount of time. In fact, working to do this each morning could be the key to getting into your yoga poses later on during the day.

Simply be sure to have your shoes next to your bed to make this easier for you to do and avoid walking for too long barefoot around in your house. In fact, putting on slippers is better than having nothing on your feet when you get moving in the morning, and this may be preferred if youre not going anywhere that day.

The key to feeling your best and maintaining your flexibility is sure to rest in doing yoga. There are numerous ways this activity can help your health and allow you to have the highest quality of life in the process. Struggling with plantar fasciitis isnt easy and may make you want to stop going to yoga class, but you can overcome this issue. Be sure to invest the right amount of time and effort into doing the things listed above to help you do so today!

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