Astone Fitness Successful You Awards Every year Small Business BC holds the Successful You Awards, which distinguishes provincial wide entrepreneurs and awards those that enhance their community as well as the global economy.  This year Astone Fitness has been nominated as Best Online Marketer and we wouldn’t have been nominated if it weren’t for our fans.

Why is Astone Fitness British Columbia’s best online marketer? We use multiple ways to educate our clients and fans about our products. We love to encourage engagement both online and offline. An example of how we do this is the most recent promotion we ran at CanFitPro (fitness conference and trade show) in Toronto. We created a promotion called “Show Us Your Best Workout Face” which allowed our fans to physically get involved. They came by our booth at the trade show and we took a picture of them trying out one of our bestsellers, The Human Trainer. Once we snapped their photo of their best workout face, we uploaded it to our Facebook page. They had to like our page and tag their photo for a chance to win the prize. We also allowed fans to send us their pictures if they were not at the show. We then had a panel of judges who chose the winner, who made the best workout face.

During that period we received 338 new Facebook likes reaching 1030 and a growth of 26% post feedback. Most of our traffic remained on Facebook and we got 1.5% of our traffic from Facebook that were highly engaged! Other ways that we market online are through our email newsletters, website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and through our YouTube channel.

If you agree that we are the best online marketer in BC and want to support us you can vote here.  

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