Getting started on working out is not easy for anyone. But if you’re overweight or obese it can sometimes seem that exercise programs and equipment are not made with you in mind.  


It can be hard enough just to get motivated to try exercise, and with intimidating gyms, group classes that are usually too advanced, and machines that can’t even accommodate larger individuals, it can be frustrating to say the least. But working out will not only help you lose weight – You’ll be healthier, more confident, happier and daily activities will be easier to do.  SO, DON’T LOSE HOPE – Fitness Dame is here to help. 🙂



So, how do you get started? Here are 4 made-for-you exercises:


Start a Walking Program


Walking can be done virtually anywhere, is low impact, improves strength and mobility, and all you really need is a good pair of running shoes.


When I say “program” I mean consistency. Schedule your walking time in your calendar, and stick to it!  


  • Start off by walking for just 10-15 minutes a day. Pace and speed doesn’t really matter when you’re starting out. 
  • You’ll feel it get easier as your fitness level increases. When it does, gradually add time, working towards 30 minutes. 
  • Once you’re comfortable at 30 minutes a day gradually increase your pace.


Pool Jogging


Pool Jogging is simply running in deep enough water so you can’t feel the bottom, with the help of a buoyancy belt. Pool Jogging is particularly great for those with painful joints or mobility issues because there is no impact.


TIP: Don’t use your arms at all, only use your legs to move yourself through the water.  As with walking, start off with 10-15 minutes and work your way up as you begin to feel more fit.



Strength Training


When someone is trying to lose weight they may be tempted to stick with cardio, but strength training is very beneficial, especially to someone carrying a lot of extra weight. It can correct the posture issues often associated with obesity, strengthen and increase the range of motion in your joints, AND help you lose weight even when you’re not doing anything! Building muscle boosts your metabolism, even when your body is at rest.  In other words, your body has an easier time burning calories. 


Using resistance bands in the comfort of your own home is a great way to get started. Hiring a trainer, even for a single session so you can learn proper exercise form and exercises that are geared to your specific situation is always a good idea.


Remember not to do too much right off the bat. Consistency is the most important element of achieving results, so the worst thing you can do is to overdo it on your first day so that you have to take a week off to recoup. 


Tai Chi


Tai Chi uses a series of flowing movements which help to increase range of motion in the joints and strengthen muscle. Tai Chi also incorporates meditation elements, which help to decrease stress and improve sleep – both are needed to lose weight efficiently.


TIPS: Ask to do a trial class before you invest in a series of classes. Ask the instructor if previous experience is necessary and what accommodations can be made for a new exerciser.



Before starting any exercise program make sure to visit your health care provider and ask key questions about limitations or modifications that may apply to you. 


Remember that the type of exercise you choose is less important than the fact that you are doing it. Don’t be afraid to try everything on this list!




Resources: weightloss.about.com

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