A new weight loss fad is born every minute. Here we list some of the most annoying products that have graced our TV screens in recent years. Buyers beware!

1. Waist Training

Dont believe the hype — the Kardashians narrow waists werent achieved through waist training.

Restricting your stomach to the extent and lengths of time suggested with waist training can lead to a number of negative side effects. Potential dangers include a fractured ribcage or a permanent alteration of its form.

Additionally, tightening the trainer too much can restrict proper breathing and cause bouts of fainting. Lastly, it has now become a trend to work out while wearing a waist trainer, which can cause one to overheat.

2. Portion Controller Weight Loss Belt

The manufacturers of this miracle belt claim that it can make your cravings go away and feel full faster. It sounds too good to be true — and thats because it is.

The product has no scientific backing to support these claims, and online reviews show no positive results. Some users have also noted that the belt is uncomfortable and difficult to conceal underneath clothing.

Wearing the belt may be enough to distract you from your hunger, but it wont help keep cravings away or prevent you from eating foods that are high in calories. If anything, this product could lead to weight gain, as consumers are just as likely to fill up on foods that have no actual nutritional value.

3. Pre-Made Meal Plans

Pre-Made Meal Plans offer a variety of prepared frozen meals and dry snacks. While there may be short-term weight loss benefits, consumers are often unable to transfer this to living a healthy lifestyle outside of the prepared meals.

Diet and exercise must work hand in hand. Pre-Made Meal Plans do not contribute to a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained over the longer term.

4. Think and Lose Weight – Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

This program claims to help prevent weight gain and promote weight loss through the miraculous powers of hypnosis.

While meditation and hypnosis can help an individual become more mindful and aware of their surroundings, this treatment doesn’t offer any true scientific benefits or rewards.

Without diet and exercise, weight loss won’t happen. A person has to truly want to change to improve their lifestyle habits, and unfortunately, hypnosis can’t command those changes.

5. Push Up Pump

The Push Up Pump claims to provide consumers with a more effective way of doing push-ups.

Online reviews of this product are lukewarm, to say the least — and while push-ups can help tone and shape your upper body, they aren’t a complete body exercise. While using the Pump may provide you with an incentive to exercise, it wont make you lose weight.

6. Shake Weight

Easy to use and offered at an affordable price, the Shake Weight claims it can help tone your arms and upper body — in only six minutes!

That being said, six minutes of exercise a day is simply not enough to promote a healthy lifestyle or lose weight. Even if its incorporated into a more extensive exercise routine, the Shake Weight’s effectiveness remains questionable.

7. Heat Vibra Sauna Belt

The Heat Vibra Sauna Belt claims that it will literally burn the fat off of patients.

By heating and massaging the tissues, the Heat Vibra Sauna Belt claims that it can sculpt flabby stomachs into beach-ready abs.

In theory, the technology is similar to that of body contouring lasers, which use a combination of heat and vacuum suction to reduce cellulite and take inches off of problem areas. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the product actually works.

8. 3 Week Yoga Retreat

These videos say that they can teach beginners yoga in as little as three weeks! However, the ability and flexibility of individuals that have been practicing yoga for a long time cannot be achieved in only three weeks.

Whats more, yoga isnt rigorous enough to be a substitute for fat-burning cardio exercises. The retreat can help you work on your yoga and overall flexibility, but it isnt likely to provide long-lasting weight loss benefits.

Guest Blogger Bio:Chris Barry is a staff writer and senior editor forZwivel. He has written stories on everything from motorcycle gangs in the Caribbean to traveling the USA with Ringo Starr. His articles have been published in such high ?and sometimes low profile publications as Vice, Maxim and The National Post.

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