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The Human Trainer

Yellow Ripcord

Very Light Tension
3 – 8 lbs

SKU: RPC-001

Orange Ripcord

Light Tension
8 – 14 lbs

SKU: RPC-016

Green Ripcord

Medium Tension
14 – 20 lbs

SKU: RPC-002

Red Ripcord

Heavy Tension
20 – 30 lbs

SKU: RPC-003

Blue Ripcord

Very Heavy Tension
30 – 42 lbs

SKU: RPC-004

Black Sniper Ripcord

Extreme Tension
42 – 60 lbs

SKU: RPC-005

Platinum Ripcord

Ultra Extreme Tension
62 – 90 lbs

SKU: RPC-060

Yellow Leg Cord

Very Light Tension
3 – 8 lbs

SKU: RPC-019

Green Leg Cord

Medium Tension
8 – 14 lbs

SKU: RPC-020

Red Leg Cord

Heavy Tension
14 – 20 lbs

SKU: RPC-021

Blue Leg Cord

Very-Heavy Tension
20 – 30 lbs

SKU: RPC-022

Black Sniper Leg Cord

Extreme Tension
30 – 42 lbs

SKU: RPC-023

The Human Trainer is a portable, fun to use, versatile and highly effective fitness training system. The Human Trainer harnesses your own bodyweight to provide resistance and gives you virtually unlimited fitness options that train your entire body. By simply adjusting your angle or changing your grip, you can target any muscle group you want to train without having to stop your workout.

The Human Trainer – Essential Kit

The Essential Kit is your core package necessary for any exercises with The Human Trainer.


  • 2 x Main Straps
  • 2 x Door Anchors
  • 2 x Foot Cradles
  • 2 x Handles
  • 2 x Door Hooks
  • 1 x Training Manual
  • 1 x Workout in Progress Sign

SKU: THT-001

Agility X-Training Kit

Once reserved for athletes, Speed Agility Reaction and Quickness training using agility ladders and cones are one of the quickest ways to improve dynamic balance, coordination, and movement skills and burn maximum calories for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

Includes: 2x 9 foot Agility Ladders, 10x Cross-Training Cones, 2x Instructional DVDs, 1x Product Manual, 4x Metal Ground Anchor Pegs and 1x Extra Large Carry Bag


The Human Trainer – Versatility Anchors

The Versatility Anchors allow The Human Trainer to be set up outdoors as well as a variety of indoor locations. The Dual Versatility Anchors can easily be attached to trees, overhead beams and other sturdy structures, allowing you to take full advantage of The Human Trainer’s versatility and portability.

SKU: THT-005

The Human Trainer – Ab Straps

The Human Trainer Ab Straps are specifically designed to allow you to concentrate on your abdominal and oblique muscles. The Ab Straps are made with durable, ergonomically-designed straps and padding to place your arms and elbows in.

SKU: THT-006

The Human Trainer Rotational Pulley

– Perform dozens of sport specific movements
– Easy attachment to main straps, ceiling mounts, versatility anchors and door hooks
– Suitable for all fitness levels
– Commercial grade for sturdy attachment and safety
– Allows your body to rotate freely while performing dozens of exercises
– Tone up, Build strength and increase speed and endurance

SKU: THT-014

The Human Trainer – Olympic Rings

Turn your Human Trainer into Olympic Rings used by gymnasts and a vareity of training programs. Anti-slip grips provide superior comfort and control. Constructed with heavy duty carabiners and industrial strength materials.

SKU: THT-015

The Human Trainer – Foot Cradle Handles

The Foot Cradles are designed to allow you to perform various full-body, leg and suspended core exercises with your feet firmly supported.


Circuit7 – The Human Trainer DVD

The DVD includes Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Circuit7 routines (7-minute, full-body, circuit training) using the Dual Suspension Door Anchors and Versatility Anchors. Also included in the DVD is a 4 minute upper body and lower body flexibility and stretching circuit and a bonus 4 minute Ab and Core foot cradle workout.

SKU: THT-013

The Human Trainer – Travel Bag

The Human Trainer Carry Travel Bag is designed to be lightweight and durable with enough space to hold 2x Door Hooks, 2x Versatility Anchors, 2x Main Straps, 2x Foot Cradles, and multiple sets of Standard Handles. The Travel Bag comes with two attached handles and a detachable Shoulder Strap.

SKU: THT-007

The Human Trainer – Dual Tricep Ropes

The Human Trainer Dual Anchor Triceps Rope adapts and connects to all anchoring options and is suitable for all fitness levels. Target and develop triceps, back, biceps, abs, shoulders?and improve grip strength using the dual anchor triceps rope attachment for both indoor and outdoor training. The Human Trainer Triceps Ropes are manufactured with commercial grade materials for sturdy attachment and safety and are designed and constructed with heavy duty and durable rope and solid rubber ends to keep users hands from slipping off. Easily attach to any cable machine system or other functional trainer.

SKU: THT-030

The Human Trainer – Short Versatility Anchors

The Short Versatility Anchors allow The Human Trainer to be quickly set-up on any overhead beam or stable anchoring attachment. They are approximately 1.3 feet in length and allow the Human Trainer to be setup outdoors as well as a variety of indoor locations. The short length of these versatility anchors make an ideal attachment for 7 – 9 feet cable machines and other similar height attachment points, requiring the user to wrap the anchor only one time compared to multiple wraps with the longer 3.5 feet versatility anchors.


The Human Trainer – Advanced Poster

The Human Trainer Advanced poster features 40 suspension gym exercises. Perform exercises, such as Standing Chest Flies, Two Leg Pikes, Rows, and Dips. For both beginners and advanced users, keep the Human Trainer poster close by as a guide, teaching tool, and an abundant source of exercise ideas. You can mix and match the different exercises and create your own routine or focus specific muscle groups. Every exercise can be modified to challenge every fitness level.

SKU: THT-054

The Human Trainer – Poster

The Human Trainer poster features 40 suspension gym exercises. For both beginners and advanced users, keep the poster close by as a guide, teaching tool, and an abundant source of exercise ideas.

SKU: THT-053

The Human Trainer Ceiling Mounts allow you to quickly attach and detach The Human Trainer Suspension Gym and can be installed in any standard door frame, overhead joist, beam or wall.

The Human Trainer – Ceiling Mounts

Extra sleek white ceiling mounts so barely visible in a ceiling or door frame. They are also specially designed to fit in a door frame and still allow the door to fully close!

SKU: THT-004

stretch accessories

Stretch Buddy – Flat Bands 3 Pack

SKU: SBS-010

Stretch Buddy – Stretch Strap

SKU: SBS-001

Stretch Buddy purple ripcord, ultra light and ideal for rehabilitation.

Purple Ripcord

Extremely Light Tension
1 – 3 lbs

SKU: SBS-009

complete chinup

Complete Chinup

Features multiple?all rubber?hand grips for comfort and durability, unique and eye-catching design, full-color retail box.

(sold in units of 2)

SKU: AST-005


Ripcords Poster

The Ripcords Poster includes 36 exercises using Ripcord resistance bands. Resistance training is an effective way to improve, not only, muscle tone, but cardio and stretching. Progress through all the exercises or create your own routine to target specific muscle groups. Work on your chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs or core muscles! Perform exercises, such as Bicep Curls, Torso Twists, and Resisted Lunges. Get more variety in your workout and learn how to perform each exercise correctly. A perfect match with our entire line of Ripcords resistance bands.

SKU: RPC-052

Versatility Anchor

Loops through a variety of objects outdoors and indoors to unlock an additional 200 different exercises.

SKU: RPC-044

Door Hook

Hooks up to almost any door and allows you to do over 200 additional workout exercises.

SKU: RPC-014

Advanced Door Anchor

Perform additional door exercises with this heavy duty anchor that allow anchoring even to the bottom of the door.

SKU: RPC-043

Circuit7 Ripcords DVD

SKU: RPC-006

Circuit7 Free Weights DVD

SKU: RPC-015

Circuit7 Core DVD

SKU: RPC-048

Circuit7 Human Trainer DVD

SKU: THT-013

Astone Jump Rope

SKU: AST-004

Astone Anti-Burst Exercise Ball

SKU: AEB-001

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