Home Use or On the Go

The Human Trainer gives you a Full-Body Workout that fits your lifestyle…


The Human Trainer sets up in seconds to give you a total body workout, using only your own body weight for resistance and leverage. Simply change your angle to increase or decrease the resistance to fit any fitness level, from beginner to elite athlete. The Human Trainer adjusts to you. No complicated cables, bands, or weights to adjust. Just choose your handles, clip and go. With over 100 exercises, you can do it all with The Human Trainer!


Set your Stopwatch! In 20 minutes or less, The Human Trainer can burn away calories and build lean, toned muscles. With our patented Modular Clipping System you NEVER have to WAIT between exercises. The only suspension gym system that offers multiple attachments, so you can literally go from exercise to exercise in SECONDS! The Human Trainer HIIT Circuit training program, will get and keep your heart rate in the zone, so you can achieve total body fitness faster than ever.


The Human Trainer is ultra efficient and effective as it targets all the major muscle groups and the core in virtually every exercise. The Human Trainer is super effective at toning, strengthening, and building lean muscle mass. The Human Trainer supports weight management, and with many exercises being weight bearing, bone density is preserved and protected. Within weeks of using The Human Trainer, you will notice significant improvement in your level of fitness, your appearance, your flexibility and your energy!


No Space – No Problem! The Human Trainer comes in its own handy carry bag, and can turn any door way, wall, or ceiling into a complete home fitness studio. Our patented design and mounting options allow you to set-up virtually anywhere, INDOORS or OUTDOORS. Comes with all you need to take your workout with you, no matter where you are. At home or on the road, never miss another workout!

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