Rita Catolino

I was introduced to the Human trainer in 2010. I love how it incorporates the core as well as recruits many of the smaller supporting muscles which tend to get left out in typical isolation bodybuilding workouts. I have noticed more definition and more of a sweat during my training.

I use it at home for core movements such as moving planks, mountain climbers, pikes etc. I also love it for plyometrics. The height I get on my jump squats in incredible. The Human Trainer has helped tremendously with my stability and flexibility as well.

I recently took it on vacation to Europe. It is easy to pack away and hooks on to the door in a second. My husband has started using it as well. I will give it a try outdoors this summer. Workout and tan at the same time:)

For anyone considering getting a Human Trainer, you need one! Don’t think twice. It will help with strength, flexibility, agility and balance. Try doing a one legged squat on it! Hard!! Great for all levels. It is definitely multi-leveled!