Resistance Band Workouts Ebooks

These Astone Fitness circuit training programs are designed for use with Ripcords and other resistance bands. Each ebook is designed to allow for rapid changes between exercises. Minimal downtime from exercise to exercise gives your muscles the benefits of a superset for maximum results. Select an ebook that targets your muscle group of choice or buy the whole set for a complete whole body workout.

Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance Bands E-book Set

Includes all 8 Resistance Bands Circuit Training Ebooks including Absolute Abs & Core, Back Building Extreme, Chiseled Chest, Defined Legs, Full Body Throttle Express, Toned Arms, Total Triceps, and Fat Burning Express. Follow these circuit training routines for a full body workout that delivers all the benefits of circuit training and resistance training. Benefits include fat loss, muscle development, increased metabolism and circulation for better overall health.

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