Human Trainer Courses and Workshops

For Fitness Professionals

The Human Trainer Instructor Course will provide you with the tools and skills necessary for safe, fun and effective use of The Human Trainer in a variety of fitness settings. You will learn how to maximize the benefits of The Human Trainer in private one-on-one settings, small boot camps, and in large group training environments. This program will prepare you to teach fun and dynamic workouts using The Human Trainer with its multiple configurations.

What you learn:

  • Proper instruction for your clients on over 100 Human Trainer exercises and variations
  • Creating your own custom programs for every client level
  • The anatomy of The Human Trainer and differences from other suspension gyms
  • Correct Setup and use of The Human Trainer
  • Correct music and motivation
  • The advantages of different grips and bases of support
  • How to teach your clients about angular resistance
  • How to properly cue exercises in large groups
  • How to properly use ALL of The Human Trainer accessories
  • Advanced Human Trainer exercises and tips to teach them
For Clubs and Commercial

In this 2.5 hour in club training workshop, we will review in detail all the purchased equipment, demonstrate how to correctly set-up The HT in your specific space, outline the exercise safety guidelines, demonstrate the fundamental training principles and explain the benefits of Suspension Gym training for any workout goal.

In this in-service, we will review some of the most important coaching cues to deliver safe and effective programming as well as demonstrate and explain the core foundation exercises to be able to offer a customized, unique, fun and challenging Suspension Gym classes to maximize the return on investment by delivering the best results to ensure retention and referrals.

This training is designed to give your team of Personal Trainers, Group X instructors and floor staff the foundations of the Human Trainer and how to deliver the most effective and results -driven workout to both one-on-one and small group training participants of all fitness levels in your facility.

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