• This drop shipper "AGREEMENT" is between:
    The Human Trainer www.thehumantrainer.com ("Company")
    - And -
  • Whereas: Drop Shipper wishes to sell Company's products via the internet and Company wishes to grant Drop Shipper such rights.

    Therefore: The following are the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


    • Drop Shipper may sell Company Products for more than Company sells to end users but must not sell any of Company's products for less than Company's current prices on any of Company's websites. Such current prices may change from time to time and both Company and Wholesale Purchaser agree that after 15-days of notification from Company, Drop Shipper must ensure prices are within Company's new current pricing requirements.
    • Notifying Drop Shipper at the following email address shall constitute proper "Notification"
    • Company agrees to setup a page for Drop Shipper to process the orders that they receive payment for. I Drop Shipper wishes to send orders directly to Company's email Company will provide Drop Shipper a custom payment link to process payment and Company will process the order to be shipped at a charge of $4.00 per order, subject to change by Company as may be required upon reasonable notification from time to time.
    • Company will give Drop Shipper a coupon code to enter that will be 25% less than our regular price. The difference between the after-coupon price and the Drop Shipper's selling price will be the Drop Shipper's commission. Discount does not apply to shipping costs.
    • Company will create an order page and list of products with SKU codes, prices and details that is intended to only be accessed by Drop Shipper and drop shipper companies.
    • Handling fees are $2.75 per order which can be incorporated into the price of shipping that Drop Shipper charges the end customer.
    • Shipping charges are automatically estimated based on customer's address. Drop Shipper is responsible for shipping charges. These charges may be incorporated into the price of shipping that Drop Shipper charges the end customer. Company will work with Drop Shipper to harmonize shipping charges upon request.

    • All returned items must be returned to Company's address or an address provided by Company with no shipping or receiving charges placed upon Company.
    • Company has a 90-Day return policy which Drop Shipper may or may not choose to offer to its end users. Any return policy beyond that will be at the expense of Drop Shipper and will not be matched by Company.
    • Company will refund Drop Shipper once Company receives said returned package or product. Drop Shipper will refund the customer directly.
    • Company's lifetime replacement warranty is still valid, although Company's warranty only applies for customers that contact Company directly and not via the Drop Shipper.
    • Either party can terminate this Agreement at any time provided 15-days notification
    • Should there be a dispute Drop Shipper's rights shall be limited to recovery of any funds owing directly to Drop Shipper for sales commissions pertaining to this Agreement.
    • Drop Shipper recognizes that the potential damage which can be done to Company's business and Company's reputation by breach of this Agreement is immeasurable and may constitute such massive direct costs and losses to Company for which Drop Shipper may be responsible for provided a proven breach of this Agreement.
    • Drop Shipper recognizes the right to, and that Company urges Drop Shipper to, retain private legal advice with respect to this Agreement and Drop Shipper has either done so or waived such right.
    • Drop Shipper agrees not to bid on any brand names, trade names and trademarks whether pending or otherwise via any pay per click form of advertising.
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