These Astone Fitness circuit training programs are designed for use with Ripcords Resistance Bands. Each ebook is designed to allow for rapid changes between exercises. Minimal downtime from exercise to exercise gives your muscles the benefits of a superset for maximum results. Select an ebook that targets your muscle group of choice or buy the whole set for a complete whole body workout.

Resistance Bands Circuit Training Ebooks Set

Includes all 8 Resistance Bands Circuit Training Ebooks including Absolute Abs & Core, Back Building Extreme, Chiseled Chest, Defined Legs, Full Body Throttle Express, Toned Arms, Total Triceps, and Fat Burning Express. Follow these circuit training routines for a full body workout that delivers all the benefits of circuit training and resistance training. Benefits include fat loss, muscle development, increased metabolism and circulation for better overall health.

Value of: $87.60
Web Price: $59.99

Fat Burning Express

To get incredible results you need a workout program that is designed to target the full body with intensity. Fat Burning Express is that program. Your entire body will be put through a high intensity workout that will leave you feeling charged and pumped full of energy. Your legs, arms, back, chest, and abs all get worked in this full body intense workout designed to provide the best possible results in a time efficient workout.

Web Price: $10.99

Absolute Abs & Core

If you are serious about flattening your stomach you’ll want to be doing resistance core training. Using only Ripcords resistance bands and a door hook, you can perform many fat burning abdominal exercises to melt the fat away from your mid section. Performing this routine on a regular basis will give you results within a matter of weeks. Benefits of strengthening your core include improved posture, balance and core strength.

Web Price: $10.99

Back Building Extreme

The importance of back muscle strength is vital to everyone. Strengthening your back helps maintain proper posture and resistance to injuries. Avoid back pain and potential injuries by performing these simple back exercises in this circuit training routine. Using only Ripcords resistance bands and the convenience of your own home, you can build a strong back.

Web Price: $10.99

Chiseled Chest

Do you want a more defined and chiseled chest? Looking for a routine you can do anywhere using portable fitness equipment?

It’s difficult to achieve a very defined and strong chest. It takes consistent commitment and on-going routines to help strengthen and tone your chest muscles. This circuit training routine delivers focused exercises to isolate your chest using Ripcords resistance bands. Resistance bands provide huge benefits for chest development as every motion provides full resistance all the way through each exercise to help strengthen your whole chest to give you that fully developed look.

Web Price: $10.99

Defined Legs

Tone your legs and lose unwanted fat by using proven circuit training routines. Defined Legs will give you just that; fit, lean thighs, calves, and glutes. We’ve combined some of the most efficient focused leg exercises using Ripcords resistance bands to get fit legs fast!

Web Price: $10.99

Full Throttle Body Express

This is a full body workout designed for high tempo circuit training. Excellent weight loss routine that helps your muscles develop proportionately. Each exercise is performed using Ripcords resistance bands that not only help develop strength and endurance, but also provides benefits to improve flexibility and stabilizer muscles.

Web Price: $10.99

Incredibly Toned and Lean Arms

Are you looking to tone your arms with an intense at home workout? This routine focuses primarily on your biceps, triceps, and shoulders to give you that sleek definition throughout your arms. Using only Ripcords resistance bands and the convenience of your own home, you can achieve toned & lean arms following this workout routine.

Web Price: $10.99

Total Triceps

Using only Ripcords resistance bands and the convenience of your own home, you can achieve muscular triceps and arms following this workout routine. Triceps muscles are the largest muscle in your arm. When developed properly your triceps can actually push your biceps making them appear larger than they are.

Web Price: $10.99

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