The Human Trainer is featured in the article: “Super Fit, Super Fast – Improve your core strength, stamina and all over tone today with suspension training” in the August 2012 issue of Oxygen Magazine (Pg.102)

The article gives you an overview of the “magic” behind suspension exercise, and gives you a fantastic upper body workout using The Human Trainer and free weights.

“…this type of exercise is something called dynamic stability. For example: picture a regular push-up performed on the floor- this is considered an upper-body, closed-kinetic chain exercise because your hands and feet are in contact with the ground. Now, picture a push-up performed with your hands in the handles (making it an open-kinetic chain exercise) and your feet on the floor. The dynamic nature of the straps will challenge your balance, coordination, joint stabilizers as well as your abdominals as you perform the same movement.”

Get your August copy of Oxygen today for the great suspension gym workout they’ve created, and more info on suspension exercise.

The Human Trainer Essential Home Kit is a great way to get started in getting the most complete body weight workout.

For more on The Human Trainer go to http://www.astonefitness.com/the-human-trainer

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