The Human Trainer’s Three Training Principles

  1. By suspending your body against gravity you create dynamic resistance, allowing you to use gravity to target any muscle in the human body.
  2. By changing the angle and thereby increasing or decreasing the resistance, you can find your optimal resistance point. The more horizontal you are, the more you are lifting.
  3. Suspended bodyweight training forces your body to engage your core and stabilizer muscles, resulting in a more flexible, symmetrical and complete workout.

The Human Trainer Top Ten

1) Thanks to Dynamic Angled Progression you can increase or decrease the intensity of resistance. This means you can find your OPTIMAL level of resistance in EVERY set.

2) With the Modular Clipping System you NEVER have to WAIT between exercises. With multiple accessory attachments you can literally go from exercise to exercise in SECONDS, which intensifies your workout by keeping your heart rate up. Find your natural workout RHYTHM and see how integrating cardiovascular and muscular training can give YOUR body the ULTIMATE CUSTOM WORKOUT.

3) Engage your core with The Human Trainer’s Foot Cradle. By using the foot cradle during training, you force your body to battle gravity. By increasingCORE STRENGTH you are improving your BALANCE, targeting your midsection and increasing your body’s overall STABILITY and STRENGTH.

4) Perfect for anybody from BEGINNERS to ELITE ATHELETES and every where in between. With a RANGE of resistance and exercises, The Human Trainer ADAPTS to all fitness levels

5) Train Anywhere. Astone’s patented design allows you to set up virtually ANYWHERE. Whether you are INDOORS or OUTDOORS all you need is one sturdy anchor point and you can start training in minutes.

6) The Human Trainer is backed by a 2-Year Warranty and offers Guaranteed RESULTS!

7) ONE fitness solution. Eliminate gym fees and avoid hidden costs, The Human Trainer is built to last and yours for life.

8) Increase FLEXIBILITY. The Human Trainer gives you the ability to stretch in a safe and controlled motion. With more flexibility, you increase your range of MOTION and improve the overall STRUCTURE of your muscles.

9) Prevent Injuries. The Human Trainer increases your flexibility, strengthens your CORE and builds your STABILIZERS. These benefits are proven to reduce the chance of injury and help with the rehabilitation of old injuries.

10) THE TOTAL PACKAGE. The Human Trainer gives you the tools to build and shape virtually your entire body. Experience dynamic cardiovascular and muscular training that SHAPES your body with EVERY REP!

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