e0a70f72bdae9885bfc32d7cd19a26a1 MThe Human Trainer Rotational Pulley harnesses your own body weight to provide resistance during exercise and engages the body’s stabilizer muscles to keep the body centered during movements. Training with a rotational pulley recruits more muscles during each exercise to build core strength and endurance, which can be then used to improve sport performance in any sport such as

Stand Up Paddle Boarding. 


These 5 exercises using The HT Rotational Pulley are designed for all fitness levels and will help you develop the muscular strength, endurance and core stability to take your SUP (Stand Up Paddling) to a new level of paddling speed, control and balance.



1) Chest Press


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The Chest Press exercise will develop your upper body strength and conditioning to help propel you faster through the water. With every repetition, your shoulder stabilizer muscles will be challenged leading to a stronger and more stable paddling stroke. The midline of the body must remain centered with each movement, which will help simulate remaining balanced and centered on your SUP board.


2) Alternating Power Pull

pastedGraphic 2


The Alternating Power Pull exercise simulates a one-arm rowing movement, which develop the arm and back muscles used in a SUP stroke. The core is activated on every repetition, as your body stays aligned and centered while the arms are initiating the movement.

This exercise will help to develop paddling strength and conditioning as well as core stability for more confidence when standing on the SUP in all conditions.


3) Standing Frontal Straight Arm Swing


pastedGraphic 3


The Standing Frontal Straight Arm Swing will help develop the flexibility and range of motion that is used in the Forward Stroke in SUP boarding. The goal is to keep both arms straight as you hinge from the hips and work to align both arms directly above each other.

This is a great core exercise as it simulates keeping the ability to keep your midsection braced while your upper body is actively moving.


4) Two Leg Squat & Alternating Straight Arm Twist



Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 1.11.38 PM


The Two Leg Squat & Alternating Straight Arm Twist exercise is a compound movement linking the lower body and upper body together. This exercise will help develop flexibility in the hips and legs and increase (ROM) range of motion in the upper body, namely the shoulders and chest, which are required when performing a Sweep Stroke to turn the SUP board. The squat will build your lower body strength,

which is needed for the ability to stand up on the board from a kneeling position.


5) Foot Cradle Two Knee Tuck


pastedGraphic 5


The Foot Cradle Two Knee Tuck is a suspended core exercise that will increase upper body strength and shoulder stabilization as your body remains in a stable high plank position. With both feet suspended in the foot cradles you will draw both knees into the chest improving flexibility of the hips and improving core strength and conditioning which will help with greater paddling torque providing more speed on the water with less effort.

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