Back pain can range from a dull, constant ache to a sudden, sharp pain that makes it hard to move. It can start quickly if you fall or lift something too heavy, or it can get worse slowly. Even though working out plays a major role in rehabilitating you back to fit form, if done wrong, excessively, or in an incorrect way, it could lead to excessive pains or in some cases it can get chronic.

Lower back pain causes trouble for most exercisers at some point. One careless move and your back is out of order. Here are a few tips on reducing the risk of back pain.


Warm Up and Cool Down

You should never start a workout without a warm-up. Do some bodyweight warm-up exercises that are in line and related with what you will be doing in your workout with actual weights. Starting some squats would help and deadlifts should also be on the menu, burpees are also a good way to get your heart racing. Be sure your back is ready to bend.

As much as a good warm up is important before exercise, cooling down after a workout also holds great importance and is more often than not neglected. So make sure that you cool down after every workout. Finishing your workout with stretches is a good idea; this will keep your  back limber and ready for your next trip to the gym. After your cool down, try lying flat on your back, legs flat, toes pointed, and arms above your head. Let your back naturally come off the floor.


Abs: Work on them and Keep them Tight

Most people don’t realize that your lower back and abdominals are opposing muscle groups, so the stronger your abs, the less your lower back needs to jump in to help you. When you’re working on your abs, make sure that you are actually working them and not your back. Whenever you perform ab crunches; upper or lower ab exercises, your lower back should stay stuck to the floor.


Perfect Your Form

One of the most major causes of back pains related to workouts is due to the lack of care taken in perfecting your form before incorporating the exercise into your workout. These days there are a lot of video demos available online telling you how to perform certain exercises correctly, which I am afraid don’t help much as you are bound to make mistakes unless you get some hands on instruction as you are performing them. So take advice from a personal trainer. The key here is to check your posture through to the last rep ensuring that you maintain your form for the entire set.


Work Your Way Up

Most people jump in and straight away start with packing the weights, but they don’t realize too much heavy lifting will send you ice packing! Work your way up gradually over time.


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