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“I am a HUGE fan of using my own body weight for my workouts. AND, I do like to workout on my own schedule and in the convenience of my own home.

I LOVE The Human Trainer for this reason!

They are convenient and the workouts you can do with them are unlimited.

With the Human Trainer you get a full body workout that fits you and you get RESULTS fast!”

~Natalie Jill

The Human Trainer is a portable, fun to use, versatile and highly-effective training system. The Human Trainer harnesses your own body weight to provide resistance and gives you virtually unlimited fitness options that train your entire body.

By simply adjusting your angle or changing your grip, you can target any muscle group without having to stop your workout. As a fully portable exercise unit, The Human Trainer also gives you the ability to set up and workout anywhere within minutes.

The Human Trainer engages your core on every exercise, increases your flexibility and gives you an unbeatable muscular and cardiovascular workout!

For the first time ever, give your body the experience of dynamic suspended, body weight training with THE HUMAN TRAINER. Using simple yet highly effective training principles, Astone has devised a way to train that is versatile, effective, portable and fun. Most importantly, The Human Trainer responds to your body, putting YOU in control of YOUR workout.

Completely Re-Think your workout! Here is how it works:

By suspending and shifting your body weight against gravity, you create a dynamic resistance that allows you to completely target every muscle in the human body.

Traditional weight lifting relies on external stabilizing force. The Human Trainer on the other hand, forces you to use your own stabilizer muscles. This means your body works to balance itself. This translates into a leaner, more athletic, more muscular physique and a stronger core because your entire body is being engaged.

Adjust the level of difficulty quickly and easily by simply shifting your body position. The steeper the angle or in other words the more horizontal your body is, the more weight you are lifting.

Benefits of The Human Trainer:

  1. Ability to find your ideal resistance and decrease or increase it
  2. Move seamlessly between exercises by always having the next exercise in your hands
  3. Target specific muscle groups while engaging your core
  4. Burn more calories by engaging more muscles
  5. Save hundreds of dollars a year by eliminating monthly gym fees
  6. Prevent injuries by drastically increasing your flexibility and stabilizer muscle strength.
  7. Train your WHOLE body with one simple device

Go HERE to get it!!!

NOTE: Make sure you check the ACCESSORIES when you order so you can add RINGS and other things to your package.

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