Form Fitness. Sports Conditioning With The Human Trainer

Form Fitness Magazine has done a great job highlighting one of the biggest benefits of The Human Trainer. That is using suspension training for sports conditioning. It works out all muscles, as well as, target very specific muscle groups. For any athlete, it is paramount to have your body fine tuned to prevent any injuries and the simple reason of improving your game. Here’s how you can use The Human Trainer for sports conditioning.

Form Fitness Magazine Sports Conditioning with the Human Trainer

Form Fitness Magazine is a Vancouver, British Columbia publication featuring health and fitness for the dedicated and those who who strive for more. Check out their issues four times a year (January, April, July, and October) on active celebrities, entertainers, athletes, products, and events.

Download the May issue of Form Fitness and read the rest of the article.

How do you use The Human Trainer?

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