If you look at the calendar you’ll realize there isn’t a lot of time left before summer, and that might mean you only have a few months before you jet off on holiday. Now is the time to build as much muscle as possible before you go away because you’ll look much better on the beach when you take your top off. Follow these tips and it will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Buy Some Gymnastic Rings

The easiest way to build muscle quickly is by training again as soon as your muscles have recovered, but this poses a problem for the people who don’t want to spend their entire life inside a gym. If you have gymnastic rings you’ll be able to hang them from a tree and you’ll be able to do exercises like chin ups and dips. Because the rings are unstable you’ll also work muscles you didn’t even know existed. They’re the perfect tool for anyone looking to train more without driving to the gym every day.

Drink More Water

You’re maybe wondering why drinking more water will help you build muscle, but you’ll notice the difference straight away if you’ve been used to training while dehydrated. As soon as you’re sufficiently hydrated your gym sessions will improve. The easiest way to guarantee you drink enough water is by carrying around a 2L bottle with you throughout the day. Keep sipping from it and by the end of the day it should be empty.

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Get Your Calorie Intake Right

To build muscles you need to eat enough food, but summer is coming up and you don’t want to put on too much weight otherwise you’ll not look slim. The only solution is to eat enough healthy food to help you grow while at the same time stopping you from putting on any excess weight. That means working out how much you need to eat per day using a calorie intake calculator and counting everything you eat so you don’t go overboard. MyFitnessPal is an app that will help you count your calories so you know when to stop eating.

Big Compound Movements

You’ve had all year to play around with isolation exercises like bicep curls and lateral raises. Now that we’re only a few months away from summer you may want to focus on compound exercises like bench press, squats, and deadlifts in order to see greater results. If you still have enough energy left at the end of your session you can play around with bicep curls, but make sure you’re getting the big exercises in first if you want to grow before summer.

Eat Enough Protein

Our diets are filled with too many carbohydrates these days, so something has to give and it’s usually protein. Protein is the building blocks to bigger muscles. You need to eat enough protein throughout the day and it’s easy to hit your target if you try to get some in at every meal. If you find it hard to eat enough through solid food alone you can buy a tub of protein powder, which will usually give you around 30g of protein in every shake.

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Try New Things

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” I’m sure Tony Robbins wasn’t talking about building muscle, but this quote applies to you. If you want to see better results you’ll have to try some new things. Everything we’ve spoken about today will help you reach your goals.

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